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"The days of innocence have passed. They must make their choices like men. But at what costs? Is blood really thicker than water?"
  • R
  • 2007
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.5  (1,212)

Blood Brothers is a 2007 Chinese film directed by Alexi Tan which tells the story of three lifelong friends who are bound by loyalty and brotherhood but separated by their socio-economic status. The film stars Daniel Wu, Chang Chen and Ye Liu in the lead roles and is set in Shanghai and Taiwan during the 1930s. The movie begins with a flashback of the three protagonists- Shen (played by Chang Chen), Zhao (played by Daniel Wu) and Kang (played by Liu Ye) - as kids in a Taiwanese village in the early 1900s. The trio is inseparable and they do everything together, from stealing watermelons to getting into fistfights. They call each other brothers and pledge to always stay together.

As teenagers, the three friends bid farewell to their village and set off to make a living. Shen becomes a lowly peasant worker, Kang joins a traveling circus and Zhao joins the army. Even as they are separated by distance and circumstances, they stay in touch through letters and promise to reunite someday.

Years later, in Shanghai during the 1930s, Shen and Kang reunite and start working in the same gangster-owned nightclub. Shen is now a hardened gangster and Kang is a talented singer. The two friends are reunited and they eagerly await Zhao's arrival. However, when Zhao arrives, he is not the same man they once knew.

Zhao is now a high-ranking officer in the Chinese army with a mission to capture the ruthless crime lord Hong Shouting. He crosses paths with Shen, and they end up working together despite their vastly different professions. However, their loyalty to each other is challenged when Shen's boss orders him to kill Zhao.

Meanwhile, Kang is in love with Hong Shouting's mistress, Lulu (played by Shu Qi), who is also a singer at the nightclub. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that Hong Shouting has a watchful eye on her every move.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the three friends are bound not just by loyalty, but by a deep sense of brotherhood that transcends their individual identities. However, the tension between their loyalty to each other and their other obligations continues to mount until it reaches a climactic conclusion in a violent showdown.

Blood Brothers is an epic tale of brotherhood, loyalty, and sacrifice set against the backdrop of the tumultuous and violent 1930s in China. The film features stunning visuals, action-packed scenes, and a heart-wrenching storyline that tugs at the emotions of the audience. The performances of the lead actors, particularly the chemistry between Chang Chen and Daniel Wu, are outstanding and help to convey the depth of friendship and brotherhood between the characters.

Overall, Blood Brothers is a must-watch for fans of Chinese cinema and anyone interested in stories about brotherhood and loyalty. The film powerfully portrays the bond between three friends and stands as a testament to the lengths we go for the people we call family.

Blood Brothers
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