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This film was shot under a different title, and shown under another before settling on Blood Sucking Freaks. It began as Sardu: Master of The Screaming Virgins when filmed, and was released under the title The Incredible Torture Show. The film is extremely gory, and very controversial when released. The plot centers on a theatrical performance depicting torture and murder that appears to the audience and critics as being very realistic. What is not known by the viewing audience is that the scenes depicted onstage are very real and that Master Sardu, along with his assistant, kidnap victims to be brainwashed and used as participants in their shows.

As the film progresses there is an element of White Slavery revealed when women, nearly feral, are shown being kept in a cage in the basement of the theater. They are tortured and abused, much the same as the victims in the stage show. The torture depicted in the film ranges from thumbscrews to power drills. There are some very graphic scenes that are played out on the stage in this movie.

When a particular critic pans the show, he is kidnapped by Sardu who attempts to brainwash him into giving a good review of the show. To lend some artistic credibility to the production of what is essentially a torture show, Sardu also kidnaps and holds a respected ballerina to be in the show.

When the ballerina comes up missing her boyfriend and a police detective team up to find her. The film then is split into the search for the girl and what is happening to her and the torture show girls. There is a lot of gory violence, amputations, torture and plenty of blood. The film ends with Master Sadu and his assistant getting what they deserve at the hands of their captive victims, as many films of the era ended.

| 1975 | 1 hr 31 min | 4.7/10
Seamus O'Brien, Viju Krem, Niles McMaster, Dan Fauci
Joel M. Reed
Blood Sucking Freaks

Also directed by Joel M. Reed

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