Bob Funk

"Welcome To My Decline"

A divorced, alcoholic, socially awkward salesmen hits rock bottom and his mid-life crisis at the same time. It is not until he is fired from his job, by his own mother no less, that he really takes a step back to reevaluate his life. In order to get his job back he must really change his ways. First things first is he must get off the booze. Second, he needs to meet all of his problems head on. Lastly, he needs to not fall in love with the woman that his mom hired to take his place. Bob Funk must face the harsh reality of life if he is to have one.

| 2008 | 1 hr 46 min | 5.2/10
Rachael Leigh Cook, Alyssa Bartholomew, Robert John Brewer, Michael Leydon Campbell
Barholtz Entertainment
Craig Carlisle
Bob Funk
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Bob Funk 2009|2:32
Bob Funk 2009|2:32