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  • 1944
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Bomber Operations: Target For Tonight is a classic British World War II documentary film released in 1941 directed by Harry Watt and starring John Cobb, Richard Peirse, Percy Charles Pickard. The film follows a Royal Air Force bombing raid on German industrial targets during the early years of the Second World War. The film is an authentic and gripping portrayal of the bravery and skill required of the airmen who flew the bombers, and their efforts to hit their targets whilst under attack from enemy fighter planes and anti-aircraft fire.

The film is a testament to the courage and determination of the RAF bomber crews who flew dangerous missions over enemy targets. It presents an unflinching portrayal of the harsh realities of war, with many scenes showing the destruction and devastation wrought by the bombings.

The film is an important historical document, a reminder of the sacrifices made by the brave men who fought and died in World War II, and a tribute to the courage of the Bomber Command crews who carried out this vital role in the Allied war effort.

The documentary opens with a briefing of the RAF bomber crews about their mission for the night. The target is a German industrial site that is vital for the German war machine. The crews are given a detailed account of the route they will take, the altitude they will fly at, and the attacks they can expect from the enemy.

The crew members take us through the various stages of their preparations, from checking their plane to loading their bombs. There are scenes of them getting ready, putting on their flying gear, and receiving their final instructions.

Once airborne, the film takes us through an evocative journey, showing the planes flying over the English countryside and out towards their target. The airmen must stay focused and alert as they face unrelenting anti-aircraft fire and the constant threat of enemy fighter planes attacking their formation.

As the planes reach their destination, it is time for the crews to arm their bombs and prepare for the bombing run. The scenes of the bombs exploding on the target below are incredibly powerful, showing the scale of destruction wrought by the bombing raids.

However, the mission is far from over as they face the return journey home. The planes must navigate through enemy defenses, and many of the crews face the most dangerous part of the mission when they are engaged in dogfights with enemy fighters.

Throughout the documentary, we hear from the airmen themselves, describing in their own words what it is like to undergo such a dangerous mission. Their accounts give us an insight into the fear, anxiety, and adrenaline that they experienced.

Bomber Operations: Target For Tonight is an important cultural representation of the British war effort and the bravery and sacrifice of the RAF bomber crews. The documentary stands as a testament to the memory of those who served and died in the conflict and to the strength and resolve of the British people in the face of adversity.

Overall, Bomber Operations: Target For Tonight is a sobering and insightful film that is a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of World War II and an essential viewing experience for anyone interested in the courage and bravery of those who fought during these times of great conflict.

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