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"What do you do when your best friend's a 400-pound gorilla? Anything she likes."

Born to be wild in 1995 is a movie that portrays a juvenile delinquent and a gorilla. The teenage boy named Rick Heller cannot stay out of trouble. His mother decides that he has far to much time on his hands and decides to put him to work. She places him in charge of cleaning cages in her lab where she is an animal researcher. This way she can keep an eye on her son and his wild behavior. He begins to bond with a gorilla that his mother has been teaching sign language to communicate with people in a research contract.

In time Rick begins to understand the gorilla and becomes quite attached to the ape. He considers Katie to be his friend since they have been spending a lot of time together. Eventually his heart will be broken when the owner takes Katie back. The owner decides that he can make money off the gorilla by putting her in a flea market as a freak show. Rick is so heartbroken when he finds out that the gorilla is being treated in an unkindly manner and chained.

Rick decides that he has to do something for Katie, because the gorilla is heart broken. People laughing, pointing and making faces at her is making him very sad. He brews a plan on how to get her out of there and to a safe place. He knows this will be difficult and he will be in a lot of trouble. His love for Katie pushes him to make a decision to go ahead with a wild plan to take her to Canada.

There are many twists and turns in the story on the adventure as it goes on. The gorilla and Rick get caught just as they are making their getaway to Canada by the border. Rick is arrested and Katie is again caged. Since Katie can do sign language she is summoned as a witness for Rick's defense. She does sign language to tell about love and how she was being treated badly by her owner. It was the gorillas testimony that moved the court decision. Rick was set free and he was awarded Katie to have forever in his care.

| 1995 | 1 hr 40 min | 5.1/10
Wil Horneff, Jean Marie Barnwell, Helen Shaver, John C. McGinley
Born to Be Wild

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