Boss'n Up

"Some Play The Game, He Changed It!"
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The 2005 musical drama movie Boss'n Up was starred and produced by 13 time nominated rapper Snoop Dogg. The film stars Shillae Anderson, Hawthorne James, and Larry McCoy, and earned a box office of about $2 million. The film included over 35 songs and was mostly sung and featured with Snoop Dogg himself. Snoop Dogg's "musical" movie was inspired by his past album called the R&G, which is the Rhythm & Gangsta. This Masterpiece movie called Boss 'n up was first debuted on the 6th of December 2005. It first came out straight to DVD format, but it was then shown on theater afterwards. It was the very first release of a newly founded Snoopadelic productions movie which was ran by Snoop Dogg himself.

Snoop stars in this movie as a grocery employee named Cordé Christopher who is a young as well as magnetic man. He is subject to really keen female interests. He first became the protégé of the Orange Juice which is an experienced pimp right after being informed of a much richer and better life that he could lead if he first becomes one of the pimps. OJ cultivates Cordé's amazing 'talent' and tries to share street knowledge to him, including Rules of being a "Pimp" and the entire Game. At a moment in the film, OJ begins to treat Corde like his own son. After he first achieved success, Cordé needs to choose one from the two things most important to him, the woman he loves, Chardonnay Allen, or his successful career being a pimp.

The cast of the movie includes other popular musicians such as Atlanta based rapper Lil Jon who plays the character of the Sheriff who is a strip club owner that becomes a partner of Corde's business. Also Dominique who Corde's attractive attorney that frees him from jail, and a comedian named Scruncho who plays the character of Hucky G, Corde's personal pimping protégé.

2005 | 1 hr 28 min | 4.7/10
Snoop Dogg, Hawthorne James, Larry McCoy, Shillae Anderson
Dylan C. Brown
Produced By
Snoop Dogg and Dylan C. Brown
Boss'n Up
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Also starring Hawthorne James