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"Some Play The Game, He Changed It!"
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 4.7  (726)

Boss'n Up is an American comedy film from 2005 starring Snoop Dogg, Hawthorne James, and Larry McCoy. This film serves as Snoop Dogg's directorial debut and was distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment. The film is based on Snoop Dogg's alter ego, the character of a pimp named Cordé Christopher. The movie is set in the early 1970s in Los Angeles during the peak of gang violence and drug trafficking. The main character, Cordé Christopher, is a pimp who is trying to rise to power in the city's underground world of prostitution and drug dealing. Cordé works at a brothel owned by a big-time boss named Freddie P, played by Hawthorne James.

The movie starts with Cordé being released from prison after serving a sentence for his involvement in organized crime. Cordé is determined to make a name for himself and leave behind his past life of hustling on the streets. He puts his game plan into action by negotiating deals with drug dealers and pimps in the city to expand his turf. Cordé's style and attitude towards his business prove to be successful, and he earns the respect of many people, including Freddie P.

Cordé meets a beautiful prostitute named Sweetpea, played by Shillae Anderson. He instantly takes a liking to her and sees something different in her. Sweetpea is desperate to get out of the brothel and start a new life. Cordé takes an interest in her aspirations and begins to fall in love with her. This newfound romance with Sweetpea brings a new dimension to Cordé's life and gives him a reason to strive for something greater than just money and power.

While Cordé is trying to make a name for himself, he faces numerous challenges from other pimps who are threatened by his growing influence. Cordé's violent and aggressive methods to deal with these rivals create tension and conflict between him and Freddie P, who is becoming more and more frustrated with Cordé's erratic behavior.

As Cordé's empire grows, he faces the consequences of his actions. One of his former friends becomes an informant, and Cordé's reputation is tarnished. He must fight to regain his power and reputation while trying to protect Sweetpea and the people closest to him. Cordé goes head to head with his rival pimps and drug dealers, which leads to a thrilling and action-packed climax.

The film's soundtrack features a mix of classic old-school funk, jazz, and hip-hop songs, including Snoop Dogg's hit single "Ups & Downs."

Boss'n Up is a vibrant and entertaining film that showcases Snoop Dogg's versatility and creativity as an artist. The movie combines elements of comedy, romance, and drama, making it a well-rounded piece of cinema. The film highlights the struggles faced by marginalized communities during the 1970s and how people were forced into a life of crime due to a lack of opportunities. Ultimately, the movie delivers a message about the importance of love and redemption despite the circumstances one faces.

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    1 hr 28 min
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    4.7  (726)