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  • 2006
  • 1 hr 13 min
  • 1.9  (3,063)

Bratz: Diamondz is a 2006 animated film that centers around the lives of four best friends, Yasmin, Sasha, Cloe, and Jade - also known as the Bratz. The girls are thrilled to be entering a talent competition called America Rocks, which they hope will give them the chance to showcase their singing and dancing talents to the world. However, when they arrive at the contest, they learn that it's not going to be as easy as they thought.

Diamonds, which are coveted on the show, are the tokens that the participants earn from the judges as they move forward in the competition. While the four girls were happy to qualify, they quickly found out that they needed Diamonds to compete for the grand prize. They meet a fellow competitor, a spoiled and selfish singer named Avery who believes she deserves and must have it all. This infuriates the Bratz and makes them more determined to win.

Avery seems likely to win the competition with her sparkling costumes and perfectly choreographed dance routines, which unsettle the Bratz. The Bratz must now compete for diamonds against Avery and other contestants, and they excel through impromptu and inventive performances. However, the Bratz had to confront various obstacles on the road to their dream.

The obstacles include several rivalries, including a feud between the fashion-forward Jade and the fashion-obsessed twins, Roxie and Phoebe. The friends support each other through these struggles, which represent various aspects of the American culture. Jade helps a harried flight attendant find her true passion for fashion, while Cloe becomes inspired to develop an inventive rhythm program incorporating various forms of dance.

On their journey, the Bratz meet legendary rapper Lil' Bow Wow, who provides them with guidance and a fresh perspective. Also, when they learn about Avery's identity theft of one of the contestants through a CD that was recording her calling "Daddy" for ideas it nearly led to her disqualification. When the true owner of the stolen CD was discovered, Avery eventually learns her lesson and is disqualified from the competition.

The Bratz go on to give an inspiring performance that impresses the judges, and get rewarded with the much-coveted Diamonds in the end which Avery thinks were rightfully hers. Furthermore, the movie concludes with the Bratz realizing that friendship is the most vital element of their group and the contest.

Overall, Bratz: Diamondz is a vibrant and uplifting film with a message for young girls about supporting each other, pursuing their dreams, being unique and believing in themselves. It was also a princess movie with a liberal and feminist attitude which had a great influence on many young girls at the time it was produced.

Bratz: Diamondz
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