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  • G
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 16 min
  • 5.4  (413)

In the movie Bratz: Rock Angelz, we follow the story of four lifelong friends: Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin and Jade. The girls are now in high school and struggling with their social lives, trying to fit in with the popular crowd while still staying true to themselves. One day, they stumble upon an old diary that reveals the existence of a mysterious map leading to a secret underground recording studio. Determined to explore this new lead, the girls embark on a wild adventure across the city, dodging both the mean girls and the police who are hot on their trail.

Once they arrive at the underground studio, the girls are greeted by a group of rockstars known as the Rock Angelz, who quickly take them under their pearly wings. Each member of the band has a unique style and personality, from the feisty lead singer Jade to the bubbly drummer Kool Kat, and the girls are eager to learn from them.

The Rock Angelz reveal that they've been receiving threatening messages from an anonymous group known as the Misfits, who want to take over their spot as the top rock group in the city. In order to save the Rock Angelz, the Bratz must help them rehearse for their biggest concert yet and find a way to stop the Misfits from ruining their performance.

As the girls work together to navigate the challenges of high school, friendship and fame, they also learn the importance of staying true to themselves and following their dreams. Along the way, they showcase their own musical talents and fashion senses with fun and funky outfits, catchy songs and energetic dance routines.

Bratz: Rock Angelz is a colourful and upbeat movie that celebrates the power of friendship and individuality, while also providing a relatable message for young audiences. The movie is packed with humour, action and lively characters that will keep viewers engaged from beginning to end. For fans of the dolls and the animated series, this movie is a must-watch that brings the Bratz to life in a fun and exciting way.

Bratz: Rock Angelz
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    1 hr 16 min
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    5.4  (413)