Bullets And The Flesh

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  • 1964
  • 1 hr 24 min
  • 5.3  (53)

Bullets And The Flesh is a 1964 Western film that features a rugged gunslinger named Brad Ellison, portrayed by the iconic Rod Cameron. The movie is set in the town of Rimrock, where Brad arrives wounded and carrying a large sum of money in his saddlebag. As he recovers from his injuries, Brad meets and falls in love with a beautiful saloon girl named Lisa, played by Patricia Viterbo. Their romance is complicated, however, by the fact that Lisa is being pursued by a dangerous outlaw named Rocco, who is played by Ennio Girolami.

The tension in the film builds slowly as Brad and Rocco engage in a series of increasingly violent confrontations. Rocco is determined to get his hands on the money that Brad is carrying, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

The conflict between Brad and Rocco culminates in an epic showdown that takes place in the streets of Rimrock. The gunfight is intense and dramatic, with both men firing off rounds faster than the eye can follow.

In the end, only one man emerges victorious from the fray, but there are no winners in this tragic tale of violence and greed. The film is a powerful statement on the destructive nature of revenge and the toll that it takes on those caught up in its vicious cycle.

The performances by the lead actors are exceptional, with Rod Cameron delivering a commanding portrayal of the stoic and hard-edged Brad Ellison. Patricia Viterbo is equally impressive as the fiery and passionate Lisa, bringing a lot of energy to the screen with her every appearance.

Ennio Girolami is perfectly cast as the ruthless Rocco, making for a truly menacing villain that viewers will love to hate. The supporting cast is also noteworthy, with the likes of Walter Barnes, Tom Felleghy, and Mimmo Palmara all turning in strong performances.

The film's direction and cinematography are both top-notch, with director Fernando Cerchio making great use of the stunning Italian countryside to create an authentic Western ambiance. The pacing of the movie is quite measured, allowing the tension to build organically and creating a palpable sense of anticipation in the audience.

While Bullets And The Flesh may not be the most well-known Western movie out there, it is definitely worth checking out for fans of the genre. The film is full of memorable moments and exciting setpieces, and the performances by the lead actors are sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Overall, Bullets And The Flesh is a classic Western film that delivers on all fronts. With its strong cast, great direction, and memorable storyline, it is sure to become a favorite of anyone who loves a good Western tale of revenge and redemption.

Bullets And The Flesh
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    1 hr 24 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    5.3  (53)