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  • 2011
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Bunnyman is a 2014 horror film directed by Carl Lindbergh. The movie follows a group of friends who come across a humanoid rabbit man known as Bunnyman. The movie opens with a sheriff's deputy finding a young woman who has been brutally murdered by Bunnyman. The deputy contacts a group of friends who have been heading to a music festival for help in finding the killer. Little did they know, their road trip would turn into a nightmare as they encounter Bunnyman, who is on a killing spree.

Bunnyman is a terrifying figure, with a twisted bunny mask and a heavy chainsaw in hand. The group's attempts to evade and confront Bunnyman prove futile, as they fall prey to his gruesome and violent tendencies one-by-one.

David Scott stars as Bunnyman, bringing a chilling performance to the character. His towering figure and intimidating presence make him all the more frightening, especially when he unleashes his chainsaw. Joshua Lang and Julianne Dowler play two members of the group who are intent on escaping Bunnyman's wrath. Their performances convey the intense fear and desperation felt by their characters throughout the film.

One aspect of Bunnyman that stands out is its unique setting. The movie takes place in the desert, adding a sense of isolation and desperation to the characters' situation. The vast, empty landscape serves as the backdrop for the group's struggle to survive Bunnyman's attacks.

The movie also features some impressive cinematography, particularly during the chase scenes. The camera work immerses the viewer into the action, making them feel as if they are running alongside the characters. The sound design also deserves mention, with the ominous hum of Bunnyman's chainsaw serving as a constant reminder of his presence.

Bunnyman is not for the faint of heart. The movie is filled with gory and violent scenes that are not for everyone. However, for horror enthusiasts, Bunnyman offers a truly terrifying experience. The realistic portrayals of blood and violence make the movie all the more uncomfortable, heightening the tension throughout.

Despite its scares and gore, Bunnyman's story and characters fall short. The film's narrative is predictable, following a typical horror movie formula with little originality. The characters, while adequately portrayed, are not given much depth or development, making it difficult to care about their fates.

In conclusion, Bunnyman is an intense and scary horror movie that delivers on scares and violence. While its story and characters are underdeveloped, the movie's unique setting, impressive cinematography, and chilling performance by David Scott make it worth a watch for horror movie fans. Just be prepared for a gruesome and terrifying journey into the desert.

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