Burning The Future - Coal In America

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  • 2008
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Burning The Future - Coal In America is a powerful and thought-provoking documentary that explores the impact of coal mining on people and the environment in the United States. The film features interviews with coal industry representatives, environmental activists, and residents of West Virginia and Kentucky, two states that are heavily reliant on coal mining.

One of the main focuses of the film is the devastating impact that coal mining has on the health of people living near mining sites. The film introduces us to Maria Gunnoe, a lifelong resident of West Virginia who has become an outspoken critic of mountaintop removal mining, a controversial method of mining that involves blasting the tops of mountains to reach coal seams. Gunnoe's home is situated near a mountaintop removal site, and she has experienced the health effects of coal mining firsthand. She discusses the prevalence of respiratory problems and cancer in her community, as well as the loss of natural resources like rivers and forests.

The film also delves into the economic impact of coal mining, both on the people who work in the industry and on the communities surrounding mining sites. We meet Bill Raney, the president of the West Virginia Coal Association, who argues that the coal industry is essential to the economic well-being of the region. However, the film paints a more complicated picture, showing how mining companies often prioritize profits over the well-being of their workers or the environment. We hear from residents of towns like Inez, Kentucky, that have been left with few economic opportunities after the local mining industry dried up.

One of the most striking aspects of Burning The Future is the way it uses visual imagery to convey the scale of the devastation caused by mountaintop removal mining. The film features aerial footage of the mountains in West Virginia and Kentucky, showing how mining has transformed the landscape. We also see footage of mining trucks and heavy machinery, giving a sense of the massive scale of the mining operations. The film's use of visuals helps to drive home the enormity of the issues at stake.

Despite its focus on the harmful effects of coal mining, Burning The Future is not entirely pessimistic. The film highlights the work of activists like Rocky Hackworth, who is fighting to prevent new mining operations from taking over his community. We also see examples of clean energy projects and hear from experts who argue that the country could transition to renewable energy sources without sacrificing economic growth.

Overall, Burning The Future - Coal In America is a compelling documentary that sheds light on the complex issues surrounding coal mining in the United States. With powerful visuals and a range of perspectives represented, the film offers a nuanced take on an important and often-overlooked issue.

Burning The Future - Coal In America
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