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"Summer, 1981. Welcome to Camp Hiawatha."
  • R
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 3.8  (501)

Synopsis: Camp Slaughter is a horror movie that takes place in 1981. A group of young adults makes their way to a rundown summer camp called Camp Hiawatha, which has been closed since 1979 due to a string of grisly murders. These murders were so gruesome that the killer or killers were never caught, and the case went cold. The group consists of Karen (Anika C. McFall), a former Hiawatha camper who wants to confront the memories that have been haunting her for years, Smalls (Kyle Lupo), her ex-boyfriend and tagalong, and three of Karen's friends, Alex (Joanna Suhl), Liz (Bethany Taylor), and Marcus (Andrew Hulse). The group is excited to spend the weekend at the camp in hopes of uncovering clues to solve the murders and to party like it's 1981.

Upon their arrival, they realize that someone, or something, is lurking in the shadows. They begin to experience strange occurrences and unexplained events, such as doors slamming shut, eerie noises, and blood-curdling screams. As they unravel the mystery surrounding the murders, they are being hunted by a deranged killer who has returned to finish the job.


Camp Slaughter is a low-budget horror movie that is reminiscent of '80s slasher films. It is a straightforward and predictable horror movie that does not rely on unnecessarily elaborate twists or jump scares to create an atmosphere of fear.

The movie is well-paced, with the introduction of the characters and the premise of the movie leading to an escalation in tension and terror. The characters are credible, and it is easy to relate to them, especially Karen, who is trying to confront the demons of her past. The movie's soundtrack, with music from the '80s, adds to the ambiance and immerses the viewer in the time period.

The movie's strength lies in the combination of classic horror elements and comedy. There are several humorous scenes that add lightness to the movie and provide some relief from the intense nature of the horror elements. The comedic scenes allow the viewer to laugh while still feeling fear and anxiety.

However, the movie's budget does detract from some of the horror elements. The special effects, makeup, and costuming are all sub-par, which detracts from the suspense and terror that the viewer should feel. The killings are not as graphic or gruesome as those in similar horror movies, which may disappoint some viewers who were expecting more.

Overall, Camp Slaughter is a competent horror movie that will satisfy viewers who are looking for a classic slasher movie experience. It is not a groundbreaking horror movie, nor is it the best in its genre, but it does not need to be. Camp Slaughter is entertaining and enjoyable, and its strength lies in its simplicity. It is a movie that horror movie fans will enjoy, and casual moviegoers will not find too frightening.


Camp Slaughter is a horror movie set in 1981 at a rundown summer camp where a string of gruesome murders went unsolved. A group of young adults arrives to spend the weekend, hoping to uncover clues to solve the murders, party, and confront their past. They soon realize that someone, or something, is hunting them. The movie is well-paced, with credible characters, classic horror elements, and comedic scenes, making it entertaining and enjoyable. However, the budget detracts from some of the horror elements, the killings are not gruesome enough, and it is not the best in its genre. Camp Slaughter is a competent horror movie that will satisfy classic slasher movie viewers.

Camp Slaughter
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    3.8  (501)