William Rockman has reached his peak in his extreme fighting career. He calls it quits; he is unbeatable. He is thinking about a calmer life and a better way to live. William Rockman then discovers that his kid brother has entered the extreme fighting world. William does not like this. He knows how dirty this bloodsport can become and he hates the idea of his brother in the ring. Soon enough, Williams's brother is killed and William is devastated over his death. This causes William to take severe action. William contacts all of the people he can to make a great comeback. William does not care about winning, and he does not care about money. All William cares about is fighting the man that killed his brother. William will go through any person he has to so that he can have peace within himself. This also leads William down roads he wished he'd never go down.

| 1996 | 1 hr 46 min | 4.0/10
John Irvin, Peter Gathings
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