Chor Ho To Aisa

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  • 1978
  • 5.4  (13)

Chor Ho To Aisa is a 1978 Bollywood movie that revolves around the story of a notorious thief. The movie stars Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy, and Bindu Desai, among others. The story starts with the introduction of Jai Kishan (Shatrughan Sinha), a thief who has been stealing since he was a child. Despite being a thief, Jai has a heart of gold and helps the poor and needy whenever he can. Soon, he finds himself entangled in a web of deceit when a wealthy businessman named Seth Dharamdas (Om Shivpuri) offers him a large sum of money to steal a precious diamond. Jai agrees to steal the diamond, but soon realizes that he has been duped by Dharamdas when he is arrested by the police.

During the course of the investigation, Jai meets a beautiful woman named Sunita (Reena Roy) whom he falls in love with. However, their love story is short-lived as Jai is sent to jail. While in jail, Jai meets several other inmates, including a notorious criminal named Jailor (Danny Denzongpa). Jai befriends Jailor and helps him escape from jail, which leads to a change in Jai's life.

After Jai is released from jail, he starts a new life with Sunita. However, their happiness is short-lived as Dharamdas continues to haunt them. Jai is forced to go back to his criminal ways to protect himself and his loved ones. He hatches a plan to steal back the diamond and expose Dharamdas's true intentions.

The movie is filled with action-packed scenes, thrilling chase sequences, and dramatic dialogues. The music of the movie is also noteworthy, with popular songs such as "Aaja Re" and "Jab Bhi Koi Kangana" becoming chartbusters.

Overall, Chor Ho To Aisa is a classic Bollywood movie that showcases the theme of redemption and love. The movie is directed by Ashok Roy and produced by I.A. Nadiadwala. The performances of the lead actors, especially Shatrughan Sinha, are noteworthy and make the movie worth watching.

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    5.4  (13)