Chor Ho To Aisa

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Pran Nath struggles to earn money to provide for his wife and young son, Sanju. Bad fortune turns to worse when the police raid Pran's house and find stolen jewelry belonging to his employer. Pran's fate soon changes when a fortuitous traffic accident leaves him a free man, allowing him to relocate his family to a distant village. Sanju soon falls under a bad influence but Pran has high hopes for his son's reformation after Sanju falls in love with a local villager, Champa. Pran's opportunity to redeem his family occurs when Champa's brother Birju is wrongfully accused of murder.

1978 | | 5.2/10
Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy, Bindu, Vikas Anand
Ravi Tandon
Chor Ho To Aisa
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Also directed by Ravi Tandon

Also starring Shatrughan Sinha

Also starring Reena Roy