Civil War Life - Left for Dead

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Civil War Life - Left for Dead is a 2009 dramatic documentary film based on the real-life story of Oscar Jackson. Jackson, a law scholar in Ohio when the Civil War began, is known for putting together his own battalion of soldiers when the war began, then leading them to serve in the Ohio Brigade. Jackson's real-life diary is the inspiration from which this film is drawn, and the film is faithful to the original document. It includes all of the truly-harrowing experiences Jackson went through, from being shot in the face and left for dead on the battlefield to marching through Atlanta's burning and to the sea with Sherman.

Jackson was a man totally devoted to the Union and its purpose, and he is considered an inspiration to many. His life after the war even took him to a seat on the U.S. Congress. Director Mark Bussler uses this film to dramatize Jackson's incredible story even while providing a dramatic profile of the intensities of war.

2009 | 1 hr 32 min
Michael Kraus, Aaron Hooks
Mark Bussler
Civil War Life - Left for Dead
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