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  • 2005
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Classic Artists: Cream is a 2005 documentary film that explores the history of one of the most iconic rock and roll supergroups of the 1960s, Cream. The film features interviews with the band's three members: drummer Ginger Baker, bassist Jack Bruce, and guitarist Eric Clapton, as well as fellow musicians, friends, and family members.

The documentary delves into the band's origins, from their early days as a blues and jazz-infused trio in London in the mid-60s, to their rise to international fame with hit songs like "Sunshine of Your Love" and "White Room."

Throughout the movie, the viewer is treated to rare archival footage of Cream performing live, as well as interviews with contemporaries such as Carlos Santana, Steve Winwood, and Paul McCartney, who offer insights into the band's groundbreaking sound and influence.

One of the most striking aspects of the film is the candidness with which the band members speak about their tumultuous relationships with one another. Despite their undeniable musical chemistry, Baker, Bruce, and Clapton had a famously rocky dynamic, fueled by personal and creative differences, as well as substance abuse issues.

This tension is explored in depth, with each band member reflecting on the highs and lows of their time in Cream. Baker recounts his youth in South London and his early musical experiences with Bruce, while Clapton speaks about his journey from a shy teenager to a guitar virtuoso, and Bruce reflects on his struggles with mental health and addiction.

As the film progresses, the viewer is taken on a journey through the band's discography, with the members reflecting on the creative process behind iconic Cream songs like "Crossroads" and "Badge." The musicians also discuss their groundbreaking use of improvisation and experimentation within the confines of a traditional rock and roll lineup.

Throughout the film, the importance of Cream's legacy is emphasized, with musicians such as Santana and Winwood praising the band's influence on their own musical journeys, and filmmaker Cameron Crowe reflecting on the band's impact on popular culture in the 1960s and beyond.

Ultimately, Classic Artists: Cream is a compelling and informative look at one of the most important bands in rock and roll history. The film offers a rare glimpse into the personal and creative lives of its three members, as well as a valuable exploration of their innovative musical style and lasting influence.

Classic Artists: Cream
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