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"Some Thing Has Found Us"
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Cloverfield is a POV (Point of view/first person) Action/sci-fi/thriller set in New York City during a going away party for a young twenty something named Rob who is leaving for business in Japan. Early on in the party, he is forced to see and confront his ex, Beth, whom he still has strong feelings for. The entire film is shot through a camera held by Rob's funny friend Hud, who provides much of the comic relief for the film. Hud films everyone pretty generously, but becomes infatuated with a girl named Marlena.

Later, after chaos and explosions, everyone runs downstairs to avoid being blown up by debris traveling from miles away. Everyone in horrified to see the Statue Of Liberty's head hurled crossed Manhattan by something. Reports spread of a giant monster that is attacking the city. We only get vague, grainy glimpses of the creature. Rob, Hud, Marlena, Rob's brother and his girlfriend try to make it across the Brooklyn Bridge after seeing on the news what is happening. The creature which is approximately somewhere around 300 feet tall also appears to have parasitic, but large creatures attached to it's skin, which fall off and attack people like ravenous dogs. They are like giant spiders/crabs/dogs all mixed together. The monster breaches from the Hudson and destroys the bridge as the group tries to cross, killing Rob's brother.

Devastated but still horrified, the group heads into the subway where they are attacked by several parasite creatures. Marlena is bitten and later after arriving at a military post, she is escorted into a tent where she swells up and explodes. Hud is devastated. The group eventually ends up having to climb across half way collapsed sky scrapers when Rob seeks out Beth. She is wounded but alive. The group struggles and eventually makes it to several military choppers. Rob's brothers girlfriend Lilly is taken in a separate chopper while Hud, Beth and Rob fly in another one. After being seemingly destroyed, the monster lunges at the chopper and destroys it. The wounded group and Hud emerge and as Hud pans up we finally come face to face with the towering, awe-striking monster. It looks at Hud, then eats him. The camera and half of Hud is dropped.

Beth and Rob take shelter under a bridge and say ther final goodbye's as the military drops heavy nuclear bombs on NYC.

| 2008 | 1 hr 24 min | 7.0/10 | 64/100
Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, T.J. Miller, Michael Stahl-David
Matt Reeves
Produced By
J. J. Abrams,Bryan Burk

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