Cohen vs. Rosi

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In Argentinian romantic comedy Cohen vs. Rosi, Giancarlo Rosi has the kind of family life that makes his political aspirations dubious, at best. Among other things, his father is a crossdresser and his daughter works on pornographic films. Elias Cohen works in media and discovers scandal in Giancarlo's life, sparking an all-out feud between the Rosi and Cohen family. Naturally, a romance also sparks between young members of the family, Ariel Cohen and Carla Rosi. This Spanish language film offers charm, delight and laughs at every turn.

1998 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.1/10
Adrián Suar, Laura Novoa, Alfredo Alcón, Norman Erlich
Daniel Barone
Produced By
Lujan Pflaum, Fernando Blanco
Cohen vs. Rosi
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