Colin Fitz Lives!

In the world of Colin Fritz Lives, Fritz was a rock god who was worshiped by millions all across the nation. In the years since his demise, his grave site has become a popular spot for die-hard fans wishing to commit suicide on the anniversary of his death. In this independent comedy, two security security guards with completely opposite personalities are charged with guarding the grave from these psychotic Fritz-worshipers. The night is indeed full of insane activity and strange occurrences, the strangest of which may be a visit by the dead rock god's crazy but drop-dead gorgeous wife. The absurdity almost masks a remarkably intelligent commentary on the American obsession with Rock and Roll and celebrity deaths. Throughout the movie, the plot is interspersed with videotapes of interviews with fans who worshiped and still worship the hollowed ground their Fritz walked on. In fact some of them fully expect him to rise from the dead.

| 2010 | 1 hr 25 min | 6.0/10
John C. McGinley, Matt McGrath, William H. Macy, Andy Fowle
Baby Shark Inc.
Robert Bella
Colin Fitz Lives!
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Colin Fitz Lives! Trailer #1|2:40
Colin Fitz Lives! Trailer #1|2:40