Crimes of Passion

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  • 1988
  • 48 min

Crimes of Passion is a 1988 psycho-sexual thriller directed by Ken Russell. The film follows the story of Bobby Grady (played by John Laughlin), a successful but unhappy businessman, who becomes obsessed with Joanna Crane (played by Kathleen Turner), a streetwalking prostitute who leads a dangerous double life as China Blue, her alter ego. The film also stars James Woods as a sleazy private investigator and Anthony Perkins as a minister who becomes obsessed with China Blue.

The film opens with a shot of a prostitute on a street corner, immediately setting the tone of the film. Bobby, who is unhappily married and struggling with his own demons, sees Joanna through his car window one night and becomes fixated on her. He follows her to a hotel and offers her money for sex, which she initially refuses. But after Bobby opens up about his personal troubles, Joanna sees him in a different light and agrees to have sex with him. From then on, the two begin a dangerous, obsessive relationship full of sadomasochistic sex, which Joanna uses as a way to escape her daily life.

As the story progresses, the audience learns more about Joanna's double life as China Blue, a prostitute who works in a brothel run by a man named Hopper (played by Bruce A. Young). Joanna's alter ego is everything her real self is not - confident, powerful, and unafraid to express her own sexuality. Meanwhile, James Woods plays Bobby's private investigator, Detective Grady, who is hired by Bobby's wife to follow him. Detecting something suspicious between Bobby and Joanna, Grady becomes infatuated with China Blue, and begins to use his investigation to get closer to her.

The film becomes more intense as the obsession between characters grows. Joanna, who is trying to escape her life as a prostitute, is pursued by both Bobby and Grady, who become increasingly dangerous and violent as they sink deeper into their own obsessive desires. The film's themes of sexuality, violence, psychosis, and identity are all woven together into a gripping psychosexual thriller that will leave audiences on edge.

Crimes of Passion is a unique film that defies genre boundaries. It's part psychological drama, part erotic thriller, but ultimately, it's a film about the complexities of human behavior and the struggle to reconcile our societal expectations with our deepest desires. The film is dark and disturbing, but also beautifully shot and wonderfully acted. Turner is mesmerizing as Joanna/China Blue, playing the character with both confidence and vulnerability. Woods is equally impressive, bringing a level of menace to the role of the private investigator that will keep audiences on edge.

One of the most interesting aspects of Crimes of Passion is the way it explores the changing roles of men and women in society. Joanna is a strong, independent woman, but she's also a prostitute who is forced to use her sexuality to survive. Bobby is a wealthy man who is expected to conform to societal expectations of success and respectability, but who is ultimately powerless to resist his own sexual desires. Detective Grady is a man who uses his power as an investigator to manipulate and control the women in his life. The film challenges viewers to consider these gender roles and how they contribute to our own desires and behaviors.

In conclusion, Crimes of Passion is a unique and mesmerizing film that explores the complexities of human behavior and sexuality. It's a film that will leave audiences on edge, yet also captivated by the mesmerizing performances of its lead actors. The film is a must-see for fans of psychosexual thrillers, and a classic of the genre that stands the test of time.

Crimes of Passion is a 1988 crime movie with a runtime of 48 minutes.

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    48 min