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  • 2012
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 6.5  (215)

Kojak: The Price of Justice is a television movie from 1987 that serves as part of the ongoing series of TV films spinning off from the popular 1970s detective series, Kojak. Telly Savalas reprises his role as the iconic, smooth-talking, bald-headed police detective Theo Kojak. Known for his catchphrase "Who loves ya, baby?" and his relentless pursuit of justice, Kojak remains one of the most memorable characters in the genre of police procedural dramas.

In this movie, Kojak is faced with a chilling case that tests his abilities and ethics. A gruesome crime sets the stage for this gritty police drama; a pair of young children are found dead under horrific circumstances, leaving the city in a state of shock and desperation for answers. Kojak's investigation puts him on the trail of a complex and emotionally charged mystery that pulls him into the troubled waters of human frailty and moral ambiguity.

The audience is taken on a journey through the darker sides of New York City, from the seedy back alleys to the corridors of power, as Kojak puts together the pieces of the puzzle. As always, his investigation is not just a quest for the perpetrator but also a soul-searching mission, pushing him to confront his own values and the oft-blurry line between the law and justice.

Cast alongside Telly Savalas, Kate Nelligan brings a strong performance to the table, providing a compelling counter-narrative as a key figure entangled in the web of deceit and tragedy that surrounds the crime. As Kojak digs deeper into her story, the two characters engage in a tense and intricate psychological dance, unraveling secrets that complicate the boundary between victim and villain.

Pat Hingle joins the cast in an essential role, contributing another layer to the narrative. His character's involvement in the case and its unforeseen developments add depth to the unfolding drama, challenging Kojak's perceptions and decisions as he navigates through the bureaucratic and political obstacles that arise during high-profile criminal investigations.

Tension heightens as Kojak and his team, composed of veteran and newly minted detectives, sift through evidence, chase down leads, and confront an array of suspects, each with motives and opportunities. The reality of crime-fighting comes to life as the investigation exposes the often gritty and unglamorous aspects of police work, where the discovery of truth is just as critical as the pursuit of justice, and sometimes the two are unsettlingly discordant.

Throughout Kojak: The Price of Justice, the thrum of New York City's pulse serves as a backdrop to the story, with its diverse citizens and their intersecting lives providing a portrait of a metropolis fraught with complexity. The soundtrack and cinematography of the movie capture this urban symphony, enveloping viewers in the atmosphere that Kojak himself navigates daily.

While the movie harkens to the hard-nosed detective thrillers of the past, it also touches upon contemporary themes of its time, such as the role of the media in shaping public opinion, the influence of political pressure on law enforcement, and the psychological profiles of those who commit the most heinous acts. These themes resonate through the narrative, giving the film a sense of urgency and relevance.

Moreover, Kojak: The Price of Justice is punctuated by powerful moral questions: How far should one go in the quest for truth? What sacrifices must be made to serve the greater good? Can justice be served without compromising one's principles? Savalas' portrayal of Kojak provides a keen insight into these dilemmas, as his character grapples with the essence of right and wrong while steadfastly pursuing closure for the victims and their families.

Throughout this cinematic journey, the movie maintains a gripping pace, balancing action and introspection, and never letting go of the suspense that keeps viewers engaged until the very end. Kojak's trademark determination and compassion shine through, ensuring that despite the darkness of the narrative, humanity is never lost amidst the shadows.

In Kojak: The Price of Justice, what begins as a straightforward procedural unfolds into a tale filled with nuance and dark twists, confronting viewers with the many facets of crime and those who seek to make amends for it. It's a movie that honors the essence of the Kojak series while standing strong as a standalone piece, offering audiences a slice of television history and a masterclass in detective storytelling.

Kojak: The Price Of Justice is a 2012 drama with a runtime of 1 hour and 35 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.5.

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