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  • 2018
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Crowhurst is a 2017 film that is based on a true story which depicts the journey of Donald Crowhurst, a British businessman and amateur sailor who set sail in the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race of 1968. This race was the first solo, non-stop, around-the-world sailing competition. Donald Crowhurst, portrayed by Justin Salinger, was an ambitious and charismatic sailor who was determined to win the competition in order to gain fame and fortune. Crowhurst was inexperienced in navigating the high seas, and his boat, the Teignmouth Electron, was untested and unfinished. Despite these challenges, he decided to participate in the race with the hope of securing a place in history.

The film opens with Crowhurst and his family in Teignmouth, a small town in Devon, England. The film takes its time to build up Crowhurst's character- a doting father, a passionate sailor, and an ambitious dreamer. He is shown as a man who is eager to prove his worth to everyone, including himself. Despite limited financial resources, he is determined to participate in the race with the hope of securing a lucrative sponsorship deal for his business.

Once the race begins, the film takes us on a journey with Crowhurst as he sails through the treacherous waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The high stakes of the competition become increasingly apparent as the sailors begin to fall behind and withdraw one by one. Crowhurst was among the few remaining sailors and his competitive spirit became stronger.

As the journey progresses, the challenges faced by Crowhurst only intensify. The Teignmouth Electron is shown to be in poor condition, and Crowhurst is plagued by technical problems that put his safety in question. The isolation and loneliness that comes from being alone at sea for months becomes overwhelming, and this causes Crowhurst's mental state to deteriorate.

The film deftly portrays the struggle of Crowhurst's wife, Clare, played by Amy Loughton. The fear and anxiety of a wife left behind waiting for her husband to return home, and the frustration of feeling helpless to her husband's fate are palpable. The film also sheds light on the marketing machinery behind the race, including the role that sponsors play, the public's obsession with the competition, and the impact it had on the contestants' well-being.

The film's suspenseful third act shows the heartbreaking turn of events that marked the end of Crowhurst's journey. As the sailor goes deeper into the race, the weight of the promises he made to his investors, the pressure to win, and the guilt of abandoning his family take a toll on him. The film manages to reveal the devastating climax without feeling exploitative or sensationalized.

The performances of the cast, especially Justin Salinger, are exemplary. Salinger's portrayal of Donald Crowhurst is nuanced and empathetic, showcasing the character's complex emotions ranging from hope and ambition to despair and regret. Amy Loughton, who plays Crowhurst's wife Clare, delivers a poignant performance full of anxiety and dread.

Director Simon Rumley's decision to not go through a generic format for storytelling and to show the internal struggle of the protagonist works well. He uses a subtle and realistic approach to reveal the characters' inner lives and the harsh realities of their circumstances. The cinematography by Milton Kam is breathtaking at times, capturing the beauty and danger of the sea in a way that makes the audience feel like they are on the boat.

Overall, Crowhurst is a gripping, emotional, and thought-provoking film that sheds light on the untold story of Donald Crowhurst. The film's focus on human emotions and motivations instead of adventure makes it stand out in the sea of films on similar themes. The movie may not cater to the masses, but it will surely appeal to fans of drama and suspense.

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