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  • 2000
  • 44 min
  • 6.7  (428)
  • 55

CyberWorld is an animated movie released in 2000, which features a mix of computer-generated images and traditional animation styles. The film takes place in a virtual world that serves as a home to various characters that are introduced throughout the runtime. With a star-studded cast that includes Jenna Elfman, Matt Frewer, and Rob Smith, the film immerses the viewers into a digital world that is both fascinating and impressive.

The movie starts with the character Devin (voiced by Matt Frewer) who is a software engineer working for a major tech company. After he accidentally creates a computer virus, Devin becomes trapped in the virtual universe, known as CyberWorld, that his company has created. Devin sets out to find a way to restore the balance and get back to the real world.

CyberWorld is a place of adventure, with various inhabitants such as the evil Vector (voiced by Rob Smith) who is the ruler of CyberWorld and tries to keep anyone from leaving. Along the way, Devin meets a mix of friends and foes, including the beautiful and resourceful female character known as Cyberchick (voiced by Jenna Elfman). They team up to help restore order in the virtual universe, putting a stop to Vector's attempts to take over.

Throughout the runtime of the film, the audience is taken on a mesmerizing journey into the digital realm. The stunning animation and special effects are mesmerizing, and each character is incredibly detailed and lifelike. As the story progresses, the audience gains an understanding of the complexities of living in a digital world, complete with artificial intelligence, technology, and the ever-present threat of viruses.

The movie explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and perseverance, as Devin and his friends work together to combat Vector's evil plans. Along the way, there are several thrilling action sequences, including a chase through maze-like structures and an epic showdown between Cyberchick and Vector.

In addition to the captivating story, CyberWorld is notable for its interactive components, which allow the audience to engage with the film directly. Several augmented reality sequences were integrated throughout the runtime, where viewers could use special glasses to experience a 3D version of the movie that interacts with the audience. CyberWorld was truly groundbreaking in its day and is still viewed as a landmark film in the animation genre.

Overall, CyberWorld is an animated film that welcomes viewers into a digital universe that is both familiar and entirely new. The film's immersive storyline, breathtaking animation, and interactive components make it a must-see for all lovers of animation and technology alike. CyberWorld skillfully blends animation and live-action, resulting in a film that entertains, inspires, and leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.

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    44 min
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    6.7  (428)
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