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  • R
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 28 min

Dante's Inferno is a compelling animated movie adapted from the eponymous video game. The movie is directed by Victor Cook, and it stars Graham McTavish and Peter Jessop, among other talented voice actors. Dante's Inferno explores Dante Alighieri's famous literary work, The Divine Comedy. The movie brings to life the different levels of hell, highlighting the torturous ordeals that the various souls experience, as Dante progresses down the circles of hell.

The movie begins with Dante leading the crusades in the holy land. However, he soon receives tragic news about his beloved Beatrice's death. He rushes back to Florence, where he finds that Beatrice's soul has been taken by Lucifer, the lord of hell, and a powerful enemy of God. Dante decides to journey to hell to rescue Beatrice and restore her soul to heaven.

As Dante descends into the abyss, he is guided by the poet Virgil, who represents the divine inspiration guiding man from the darkness to the light. Dante's journey to hell is through nine circles, each representing different categories of sinners. The film exposes the brutal torments that these souls are subjected to due to their wicked and heinous acts on earth.

The first circle of hell is Limbo, where souls who were not baptized are confined, and their punishment is to wander aimlessly for eternity. The second circle is Lust, where tempestuous winds toss adulterers back and forth, representing the turbulence and lack of commitment in their deeds. The third circle represents Gluttony, where overindulgence marks the souls in the circle. The souls here undergo constant hunger and thirst, even though they drown in food and drink.

The fourth circle represents Greed, where the souls are divided into two groups, and they spend eternity pushing and pulling giant weights. The fifth circle is Anger, where souls are submerged knee-deep in a river of boiling blood, symbolizing the fight and violence they had on earth. The sixth circle is Heresy, where souls are trapped in flaming tombs as a result of their disbelief in the divine power of God.

The seventh circle represents Violence, where souls are swimming in a river of boiling tar. This circle is subdivided into three levels. The violence against others, violence against oneself, and violence against nature. The eighth circle is Fraud, where souls who lived deceitful lives are trapped in fitting punishments for their specific lies, frauds, and deceptions. The ninth and final circle of hell is Treachery. This level contains four regions that are icy and cold, each for a type of treachery.

Throughout his journey, Dante faces harrowing obstacles that put his faith in the test. He encounters mythical creatures, including Cerberus, Minos, and the malevolent Lucifer himself, who is represented as a hideous beast. Dante's struggles with his inner demons, and his willpower is tested as he reflects on his past. Dante and Virgil's journey continues through to the final circle of hell, where Dante confronts his own weaknesses before emerging as a new man.

Dante's Inferno is a must-see movie that enriches one's understanding of medieval literature and Christianity. Produced in 2010, the movie reflects a range of themes that resonate with contemporary society. The film underscores the Christian principle of redemption and forgiveness even in the bleakest moments of despair. The film is also a celebration of the power of love, as Dante's primary motivation to journey into hell is his love for Beatrice.

The movie has beautifully rendered visuals and an excellent voice-over cast. The artistry of the movie's animation is a significant point of interest. The animation technique of motion capture has been used to create the realistic movements of the characters. The music also complements the film, with a haunting and evocative score that resonates well with the dark subject matter.

In conclusion, Dante's Inferno is a compelling tale that portrays the human experience as a journey through the abyss of life. The film successfully captures the underlying themes and messages of Dante's novel, The Divine Comedy, in a thought-provoking cinematic experience. Overall, the film offers a visually stunning, emotionally engaging, and enriching experience that will surely intrigue and delight viewers.

Dante's Inferno is a 2010 action movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 28 minutes.

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