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The film entitled Legend of the Millennium Dragon begins with a war between two demons Oni and Samuri. The Oni take the lead in the battle and are just about to destroy the last temple left when Monk Gen’un attacks and destroys them with his mystic powers. The film proceeds to a different scene whereby a very timid teenager called Tendo is taken back into the Heina era in Japan. His task is to recruit the dragon Yamata no orchi and make him assist in resolving the war between the Oni and humans. As he attempts to do so, he gets bullied and intimidated because of his small stature and insufficient abilities. An Oni attacks Tendo and he starts running, he sees a temple and enters it to take refuge.

He later finds out it is the temple of Monk Gen’un and while there he learns the truth. Gen'un tells him everything about the temple, his pursuit by some monsters that want to kill him, the battle between the Oni and humans which took place in the Heian era in Japan. As Tendo listens he falls in a deep sleep and only wakes up later in the temple and finds a very talented swordsman called Raiko who is Gen’uns accomplice.

At night, the Oni attacks the temple to destroy it but the humans including Tendo fight back to protect their temple. Tendo is from a very influential clan called magatama and has the clan’s birthmark on his left arm which is capable of reviving the powers of the dragon orochi when it comes in contact with blood.

He revives the dragon so that it can rescue all the humans. He later comes across an Oni called Mizuha and realizes that the Oni are not actually demons but are humans who wear scary masks that make them look like demons. Tendo becomes confused and does not know whether to believe what Monk told him or to believe what he just discovered. Shortly after, a war breaks out between the Oni and the humans. At the end, Orochi transforms into its real form and destroys Monk Gen’un.

2011 | 1 hr 38 min
Studio Pierrot
Hirotsugu Kawasaki

Also directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki

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