David Cross: Making America Great Again!

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  • 2016
  • 1 hr 14 min
  • 6.6  (1,732)

David Cross: Making America Great Again! is an American comedy film directed by Alex Coletti and starring David Cross. The film was originally released on August 5, 2016, exclusively on Netflix. The movie sees David Cross explore a wide range of topics, from politics to celebrity culture, with his usual comedic flair. The film opens with a shot of an empty stage, as David Cross walks onto it. He introduces himself and launches into a set that covers everything from the presidential election to fraternity hazing. Cross's humor is edgy and provocative, often delving into controversial topics, such as gun control and police brutality.

One of the key themes of the movie is Cross's disdain for American politics. Throughout the film, he pokes fun at both political parties, skewering Democrats and Republicans alike. Cross takes aim at everyone from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump, and he doesn't hold back on his opinions.

Another prevalent theme in the movie is Cross's commentary on celebrity culture. He mocks the absurdity of Hollywood, as well as the narcissism and vanity of the entertainment industry. Cross is relentless in his mockery, taking aim at everyone from reality TV stars to A-list celebrities. He even takes a shot at himself, poking fun at his own B-list status in Hollywood.

David Cross's humor is not for the faint of heart. He often pushes the boundaries of good taste, making jokes that are vulgar or offensive. However, his fans appreciate his unapologetic approach to comedy. He doesn't hold back, and he doesn't apologize for his humor. He says what he wants to say, and he's not afraid to offend anyone.

One of the strengths of the film is the way Cross blends comedy with social commentary. He uses his humor to tackle serious issues, such as racism and sexism, in a way that is both intelligent and entertaining. He also highlights the absurdity of these issues, exposing the ridiculousness of certain societal norms.

The film is shot in a minimalist style, with Cross on a bare stage with few props. This helps to accentuate his jokes, as there are no distractions from his words. Cross is a skilled performer, and he commands attention even in a sparse setting.

Overall, David Cross: Making America Great Again! is an entertaining and thought-provoking film. It's not for everyone, as Cross's humor can be offensive to some. However, for those who appreciate his brand of humor, it's a great film to watch. The blend of comedy and social commentary is top-notch, and Cross is an engaging performer. If you're a fan of David Cross's work, or if you're looking for a comedy that tackles serious issues, this film is worth checking out.

David Cross: Making America Great Again!
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    6.6  (1,732)