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The basic concept of the movie is focused on Richard McMurray's book. The book ends up doing well, and so he ends up getting a lot of fame from the book. Richard has several problems. He ends up getting stuck in Malibu, and he is in an unhappy marriage. Richard now has to make another novel, but he is not interested in making the novel. It is not surprising that his wife wants out of the marriage, and so she locks him out of their house. This solves Richard problems because he no longer has to do the book that he was dreading doing, and he no longer has to be in a bad marriage. It is a win-win situation for him.

He ends up talking to a writing class, and the class is taught by his ex-girlfriend named Diane. Since Richard is not with his wife anymore, he ends up sleeping on various sofas of the students in the class. In particular, he stays on the sofas of Jacqueline and Kristin. Since he sees how well these women are doing, he starts to write about them. The women do not know that he is writing about them, but they write about him too. This causes a game of cat and mouse because it is not clear who is pursuing whom.

Some of the stars of the film and their respective parts are: Campbell Scott Richard McMurray, Izabella Miko Kristin, Alex Kingston Diane Freed, Lizzy Caplan Jacqueline, David Cross Space Station Man, and Nora Kirkpatrick Charlize. These are just some of the stars and their respective characters that are in the film. Gary Walkow is the director of the movie. The movie came out in 2007, and it was never rated. The film is a total of an hour and twenty minutes. The entire movie was film in Los Angeles, and so all the actors and actresses speak in English.

| 2007 | 1 hr 20 min | 5.5/10
David Cross, Caleigh White, Campbell Scott, Alex Kingston
Gary Walkow
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Also directed by Gary Walkow