D.C. Sniper

"From the trunk of a car he terrified a Nation."
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Religious acts to some may be perceived as terrorist acts towards another. This was all too familiar when a wary John Allen Muhammad decided to change his religion into a real life attack on the non-conforming society around him. In this film based on true events, watch as he brutally however casually murders innocent victims by our eyes but to him, what? This movie digs deep into the psyche of a worn and tired mind preaching his views and beliefs onto a younger generation through the way of a 16-year-old follower all to willing to learn this message of destruction. Inevitably leading to their infamous capture heard around the world.

| 2009 | 1 hr 32 min | 2.0/10
Ken Foree, Ulli Lommel, Christopher Kriesa, Tory N. Thompson
Hollywood Action House, Hollywood House of Horror
Ulli Lommel
Produced By
Nola Roeper, Ulli Lommel
D.C. Sniper
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Also starring Ken Foree