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"They're All In It For The Cash."
  • R
  • 2006
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 2.9  (186)

Dead Lenny is a 2006 crime-comedy movie that features Nicole Eggert, Steven Bauer, John Heard, and Steve Baker in lead roles. The movie's plot revolves around a mafia boss and a small-time film producer who team up to make a movie using stolen money. The film begins with a bang as a group of Mafia men raid a safe house - the home of Lenny Long, a bookkeeper who has embezzled a lot of money from the powerful Tucci crime family. During the raid, Lenny is brutally murdered, and the money is stolen. When the Tucci family gets wind of this, they send their most ruthless hitman, Cain (Steven Bauer), to track down the culprit.

Meanwhile, a struggling film producer, Frank (Steve Baker), is looking for a way to fund his latest project, a film entitled "Dead Lenny." He hears about the stolen Tucci money and sees an opportunity to make his film. Frank finds out that Lenny's brother, Paulie (John Heard), has some inside information about the money and approaches him with an offer. Paulie, who is also seeking revenge for his brother's death, agrees to help Frank in exchange for a cut of the film's profits.

With Paulie's help, Frank sets up a meeting with Cain, posing as potential buyers for the stolen money. However, when the Tucci family gets wind of the deal, they send their hitmen to intercept it. Chaos ensues, and Frank and Paulie are forced to improvise and come up with a new plan to get their hands on the money.

As the movie progresses, Frank and Paulie's plan becomes more complex, involving various twists and turns. Along the way, they encounter a variety of characters, including a corrupt cop, a struggling actor looking for his big break, and a young woman with a penchant for violence.

One of the film's standout performances comes from Steven Bauer, who plays the hitman Cain. Bauer brings a dangerous intensity to his role, making Cain a formidable opponent for Frank and Paulie. Meanwhile, Nicole Eggert delivers a solid performance as a character named Tina, a tough-talking woman with ties to the Tucci family.

The movie's comedic elements are also worth noting. Dead Lenny features a quirky sense of humor that helps to offset the darker, more violent aspects of the plot. At times, the movie feels like a darkly humorous caper film in the vein of Fargo or Pulp Fiction.

All in all, Dead Lenny is an entertaining crime-comedy with a solid cast and a clever plot. While it may not be the most original movie out there, it's definitely worth a watch for fans of the genre.

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    1 hr 26 min
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    2.9  (186)