Dear Murderer

Dear Murderer is a 1947 British suspense movie. Arthur Crabtree directed the movie, and Eric Portman and Greta starred in the leading roles. Film critics praised the movie as a clever psychological thriller. The plot centers on a married couple named Lee and Vivian Warren. Their marriage is a disaster for both of them. Vivian is unscrupulous and unfaithful, and Lee is pathologically jealous. He decides to murder her latest lover and stage the murder as a suicide. He thinks that he has committed the perfect crime. He becomes riddled with guilt when he learns that the affair had been over for a considerable amount of time.

| 1947 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.9/10
Eric Portman, Greta Gynt, Dennis Price, Maxwell Reed
Arthur Crabtree
Dear Murderer
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Also directed by Arthur Crabtree

Also starring Greta Gynt