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Deck the Halls is a wonderful comedy movie that is perfect for the entire family. The movie stars Danny Devito, Mathew Broderick, Kristin Davis, Kristin Chenoweth. The film's director is John Whitesell. The Deck the Halls writers' include Matt Corman and Chris Odi. The Deck the Halls plot centers around two neighbors. The two neighbors are played by Danny Devito and Mathew Broderick. Broderick plays, Steven Finch, a very middle of the road type of guy who works as an optometrist in a small Massachusetts town. He is in charge of conducting the town holiday celebrations. Broderick goes overboard with his commanding the annual celebration with very precise style. He wants everything to be absolutely picture perfect. Each year they follow the same traditions. For example, taking the perfect family Christmas card pictures in matching sweaters. His wife tries to remind him that the season is all about family and the joy of the holiday. Broderick completely loses focus when the new neighbor upsets his perfect holiday plans. The fun begins at their first meeting. He spots the new neighbor actually stealing the newspaper on his doorstep.

Danny Devito plays, Buddy Hall, who is Brodericks new odd ball neighbor. He also has a very pretty wife who just seems too perky. Trouble between the neighbors starts when Buddy plans on decorating his house with so many lights that you can see it from outer space. Steve is simply shocked at his new neighbor’s plan. He has never heard anything so outlandish. He decides that he is going to sabotage Buddy's plans. He tries every trick in the book to throw a wrench in Buddy's plans.

Broderick's character really starts to lose touch with reality and the real meaning of the holidays at this point. He plays a number of really mean tricks on the Devito character that always seem to backfire.

| 2005 | | 5.7/10
Gabrielle Carteris, Steve Bacic, Jocelyne Loewen, Ken Pogue
George Mendeluk
Deck the Halls

Also starring Gabrielle Carteris

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