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  • 2016
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Deserted is a thrilling drama movie that follows the life of a young woman named Jae, played by Katie Reed. The movie is set in the Mojave Desert where the protagonist has been stranded after her car breaks down on her way to California. With no means of contacting the outside world, a limited supply of food, and water, Jae is trapped in the middle of nowhere with no apparent escape.

Throughout the movie, Jae's state of desperation increases as she exhausts all her options. She has to fight against harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures at night and scorching heat during the day, which makes the atmosphere of the movie more intense. Jae tries to make a plan to find a way out of the desert, but every time she tries to move, she gets lost in the vast, deserted landscape. The unpredictable terrain also presents a host of physical obstacles, from steep slopes to steep rocky terrain.

As she attempts to find an escape in the barren setting, Jae is forced to deal with emotional issues such as paranoia, depression, and thirst for survival. Throughout the movie, the producers manage to create an element of uncertainty that makes it difficult to immediately know what will happen next. As Jae continues to wander the desert, she loses hope of survival in the harsh and barren landscape.

Deserted features some wonderful acting, with Katie Reed delivering a captivating performance. Her role requires her to carry the film for practically the entire duration, which is a challenge that she masters exceptionally well. Her character's emotional range is on full display as she battles with her inner demons amidst a quite literal fight for survival. Garrett Schultz also does a fantastic job as Trevor, Jae's boyfriend. Although he appears only in flashbacks, his presence in the movie is significant, providing a much-needed glimpse into Jae's life before her misfortune.

The movie's cinematography is among its highlights. The directors use landscape shots to emphasize the vastness and bleakness of the desert, the bright orange-red rock formations amaze, while the vastness of the desert is also quite impressive. With plenty of close-up shots, it's relatively easy to get a sense of Jae's isolation and desperation. For instance, in one scene, the camera focuses on Jae's hand as she tries to desperately take a sip of water, signifying the immeasurable thirst that plagues her character. The climatic scenes of the movie are also poignant, with sweeping aerial shots of the dangerous terrain that Jae is navigating.

Overall, Deserted is an intriguing movie that is worth a watch. The film's tense narrative, coupled with its breathtaking visuals, is enough to keep its audience engaged throughout. Despite the minimal cast and minimalist dialogue, the movie manages to tell a story about perseverance, isolation, depression, and the will to survive. For those that enjoy a good adventure tale, Deserted is an excellent recommendation.

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