Di che segno sei?

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  • 1975
  • 2 hr 10 min
  • 5.5  (375)

Di che segno sei? is a classic Italian comedy film from 1975 that features an all-star cast, including Paolo Villaggio, Mariangela Melato, and Adriano Celentano. Directed by Sergio Corbucci, this film has become a favorite amongst Italian audiences, earning critical acclaim for its witty screenplay and its hilarious performance by its leading cast.

The movie follows the story of Ugo Fantozzi (Paolo Villaggio), a nerdy and clumsy accountant, who is obsessed with astrology. Ugo is convinced that he can predict the future, and he spends most of his time reading his horoscope and analyzing the stars. His passion for astrology becomes so pervasive that he starts to base all of his life decisions around it, including his choice in women.

Ugo's astrological obsession quickly becomes a source of humor for the rest of the film's characters, who find his behavior absurd and comical. Mariangela Melato plays the role of Maria Cristina, a beautiful and wealthy woman who is determined to seduce Ugo, despite his awkward demeanor and unusual beliefs. However, Ugo's horoscope warns him against getting involved with Maria Cristina, and he is torn between his astrological predictions and his feelings for her.

Adriano Celentano plays the role of Oreste Jacovacci, a suave and charming salesman who is also confident in his ability to predict the future. Oreste shares Ugo's love for astrology, and the two men become close friends, bonding over their shared passion. However, their friendship is tested when they both fall for the same woman – Maria Cristina.

As the plot unfolds, the characters find themselves embroiled in a series of hilarious situations that are both outrageous and entertaining. Ugo's astrological predictions prove to be incorrect at every turn, leading to a number of amusing misunderstandings and mistakes. Meanwhile, Oreste and Maria Cristina engage in a number of seductive and humorous exchanges, as they try to win each other over.

Throughout the film, the characters' motives and actions are driven by their belief in astrology, providing a framework for the humor and satire that dominate the story. The movie is a clever commentary on the human desire to find meaning and purpose through signs and symbols, while simultaneously subverting the notion that fate can be determined by astrology.

Di che segno sei? is a classic comedic masterpiece that has earned a special place in the hearts of Italian audiences. Its humorous portrayal of astrology, love, and friendship are timeless, and its witty screenplay and stellar cast make it a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh.

Di che segno sei?
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    5.5  (375)