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  • 2010
  • 1 hr 27 min

Disturbed: Decade of Disturbed is a music documentary that tells the story of the rise of the hard rock/metal band Disturbed from their formation in 1994 to their impressive top-charting success in the 2000s. The film expertly combines archival footage, live performances, interviews with the band members and their close collaborators, as well as with other celebrities and industry experts, to provide an intimate insight into the band's evolution as musicians and artists.

The movie opens with a flashback to 1994, when the four members of Disturbed - vocalist David Draiman, guitarist Dan Donegan, bassist Steve Kmak, and drummer Mike Wengren - first met in Chicago and began performing together. The documentary quickly moves on to show the hard work and dedication the band poured into their first self-funded album, The Sickness, which was released in 2000 and kick-started their success. The book-cuttings between present-day interviews and historic footage keep the viewer engaged throughout the entire film.

As the story progresses, the band members talk about how their musical tastes evolved over time, and how they approached each of their albums with different musical themes, experimenting with different sounds and song structures. In addition to highlighting the musical development of the band, directors Kevin Estep and Rafa Alcantara emphasize the obstacles and challenges the group faced along the way. This makes viewing the band's triumphs all the more satisfying.

The film also touches upon the band's collaboration with producer Johnny K, who played an integral part in molding their sound; how they created their critically acclaimed album, Ten Thousand Fists; and how the band was able to achieve mainstream success with their cover of "Land of Confusion". The documentary provides the viewer with an unprecedented look at the inner workings of one of the most successful metal bands of our time.

As the documentary concludes, the emphasis shifts to the impact that Disturbed had on the metal genre and on their fans. Fans of the band speak about how their music has had a profound impact on their lives, and how they've been inspired to overcome their struggles by listening to their music. This part of the documentary is particularly powerful and heartwarming.

The movie also features commentary from other bands, music producers, radio presenters, and Metal Hammer Magazine journalists who provide insights and accolades about the band's achievements over the years.

In summary, Disturbed: Decade of Disturbed is an excellent documentary that tells the compelling story of one of the most successful metal bands of the 2000s. Comprising of rare live footage, insightful interviews, and expert commentary, the documentary presents an atmospheric and authoritative exploration of the rise of the band, their sound, and their struggles. It will leave any music fan feeling thoroughly captivated, educated, and inspired.

Disturbed: Decade of Disturbed is a 2010 documentary with a runtime of 1 hour and 27 minutes.

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