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Dr. Phibes Rises Again is the 1972 sequel to The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Dr. Phibes is thought to have died in the original film when he embalms himself alive while lying next to his perfectly preserved wife, Virginia. Three years later, the tomb of Dr. Phibes magically opens when the sun shines at a certain angle. Dr. Phibes has already exacted revenge upon the individuals who he held responsible for his wife's death and his disfigurement. He still, however, has the goal of finding the elixir of eternal life so that he can be with his wife forever.

Dr. Phibes realizes that his mansion has been destroyed, and the sacred Pharaoh Scrolls that reveal the location of the River of Life are missing. Dr. Phibes' new goal is to hunt down the thieves and exact his revenge upon them. The doctor discovers that the anthropologist Darrus Biederbeck leads the band of thieves who stole the scrolls and has since left the country. Biederbeck is already hundreds of years old and needs to find the sustaining river to extend his life, or he will die. Phibes and his mute assistant Vulnavia (Valli Kemp) follow the trail of the scrolls.

Scotland Yard detectives Harry Trout (Peter Jeffrey) realizes that Phibes may still be alive. He and his partner Waverly (John Carter) attempt to unravel the mystery of Phibes' alleged resurfacing. After reaching the Egyptian desert, Phibes and Vulnavia murder Biederbeck's men, who are awaiting his arrival. The men meet deaths with Egyptian themes such as painful sand blasts and Scorpion stings. By the time Trout and Waverly show up at the desert site, Phibes has kidnapped Biederbeck's mistress Diana (Fiona Lewis). Biederbeck and Phibes have a standoff deep inside the chamber that leads to the River of Life. Biederbeck dies, and Dr. Phibes rows down the River of Life with his dead wife in tow.

| 1972 | 1 hr 29 min | 6.4/10
Vincent Price, Robert Quarry, Valli Kemp, Hugh Griffith
Robert Fuest
Produced By
Samuel Z. Arkoff, Richard F. Dalton, Louis M. Heyward

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