Dracula III: Legacy

W?? Craven's m?d?rn Dr??ul? series continues ?nd now, Dr??ul? III: Legacy ?dd? Rutg?r H?u?r to a r?turning ??t?r? ?t?rring Jason Scott L??, Jason London and Roy S?h?id?r. Th? dr??dful Dr??ul? (H?u?r) leads v?m?ir? hunt?r? Father Uffizi (L??) ?nd Luk? (L?nd?n) b??k t? E??t?rn Europe ?nd a n?ti?n tormented b? ?ivil w?r. There, powerful regional warlords are ???i?ting Dracula b? ??t?hing victims ?nd d?liv?ring th?m t? ?u??l? th? vampires living in Dr??ul?'? f?rtr???. And t? make matters worse, Father Uffizi needs to ?v?r??m? th? v?m?ir? viru? h? i? contaminated with!

F?m?u? vampire Dr??ul? h?? ?n?? more escaped th? ?lut?h?? ?f Luke and F?th?r Ufizzi, a set of traveling vampire ???k?r?. Luke ?nd Ufizzi find out the und?ing bloodsucker has ??tu?ll? made return t? Romania, ?nd th? ???k?r? plan to find him. Th?? ?h?w up in R?m?ni? t? di???v?r th? country i? caught u? in a fierce civil w?r ?nd th?t Dr??ul? h?? ?bdu?t?d Eliz?b?th, Luk?'? future wif?.

Father Uffizi ?nd Luk? travels vi? a Romania ruin?d b? th? ?ivil b?ttl? and the vampires. Luke is tr?ing t? ??v? Elizabeth fr?m the ?l?w? ?f Dr??ul?, and Uffizi t? end th? vampires. Along th?ir ?u??t, they come in contact with th? British t?l?vi?i?n reporter Juli? Hugh?? ??v?ring th? b?ttl?, and the tri? ?b??rv? t?g?th?r facing d?ng?r?u? ?itu?ti?n? with th? r?b?l? and the v?m?ir??.

Th? undead ?trik? th? r?b?l f?und?ti?n throughout th? ?v?ning, ??t Uffizi, Luke ?nd Juli? ?ndur?, going ?h??d to Dr??ul?'? fortress. Th?? find Eliz?b?th ?r??ti??ll? completely r?li?d ?n Dr??ul?'? means ?f life. Dracula mortally l???r?ti?n? Juli? and inf?rm? Uffizi that only b? m??n? ?f G?d'? m?r?? ??n easily he trul? pass ?w??, but Uffizi engages th? ?n?i?nt vampire in a du?l ?nd ultimately ruin? him b? initi?lly biting him and dr?ining him of his blood, ?t th?t ??int beheading him, revealing that h? must ??n?id?r himself ?limin?t?d.

| 2004 | 1 hr 30 min | 4.7/10
Patrick Lussier
Dracula III: Legacy

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