Dracula: Prince of Darkness

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"DEAD for Ten Years DRACULA, Prince of Darkness, LIVES AGAIN!"
  • NR
  • 1966
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.6  (10,823)

Dracula: Prince of Darkness is a British horror movie released in 1966, directed by Terence Fisher and produced by the legendary Hammer Film Productions. It is the second film in the Hammer Dracula series and stars Christopher Lee as the iconic vampire, reprising his role from the original 1958 film. Barbara Shelley and Andrew Keir co-star in the movie.

The plot of the film follows two English couples who are on a vacation in the Carpathian Mountains. While traveling, they come across Father Sandor, who warns them not to visit a certain castle because it is cursed. However, the couples ignore the warning and decide to visit the castle anyway. There, they encounter a sinister man named Klove, who leads them to the crypt where Dracula's ashes are kept. Klove revives the evil Count using blood from one of the tourists, and Dracula begins his reign of terror once again.

The movie has a classic horror feel to it, with a gothic setting and eerie music that adds to the suspense. The first part of the film builds up tension and suspense slowly, with the characters all unaware of the danger they are in. As the movie progresses, we see Dracula's return and his gruesome attacks on several characters. There are several horror elements in the movie, such as a crucifix bursting into flames, Dracula's ability to transform into a bat, and his hypnotism over his victims.

Christopher Lee's portrayal of Dracula in this movie is iconic. He hardly says a word, but his presence is enough to send shivers down the audience's spine. His performance is menacing, and he is able to convey a sense of evil without overacting. The other actors, including Barbara Shelley and Andrew Keir, also deliver solid performances in their respective roles.

The movie's production values are impressive, considering it was made in the 60s. The set design and cinematography are both excellent, creating a spooky atmosphere that adds to the movie's horror elements. The special effects are also well done, given the limitations of the time. Some of the blood and gore may seem tame by today's standards, but they are still effective in creating a sense of terror.

Overall, Dracula: Prince of Darkness is a classic horror movie that is a worthy addition to the Hammer Dracula series. Christopher Lee's portrayal of the iconic vampire, combined with the movie's Gothic atmosphere and suspenseful plot, make for an entertaining and scary experience.

Dracula: Prince of Darkness
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