The Devil Rides Out

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"The beauty of woman . . . the demon of darkness . . . the unholy of union"
  • G
  • 1968
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 6.9  (10,179)

The Devil Rides Out is a 1968 British horror movie based on a novel by Dennis Wheatley. The movie stars Christopher Lee as the main character, Duc de Richleau. Although it's a horror movie, it's different from most horror movies, as it doesn't rely on gore or jump scares to get its audience frightened. Instead, it's more of a suspenseful thriller that depends on atmosphere, dialogue, and the tension created by the characters in the story.

The Devil Rides Out follows the story of the Duc de Richleau, a man of nobility in France who also happens to be an expert in the occult. When he hears that his friend Simon Aron is getting involved with a group of Satanists, he becomes worried and decides to investigate. Along with his protégé, Rex van Ryn, Duc sets out to prevent Simon from falling under the Satanist's influence.

During their investigation, the Duc, Rex, and Simon stumble upon a series of creepy and unexplained events, including strange noises, ghostly apparitions, and other weird phenomena. They try to unravel the mystery of the Satanist's motives and the source of their powers. As they delve deeper into the occult, they face a greater and more powerful adversary than they ever imagined possible.

One of the things that make this movie stand out is its attention to detail in terms of the occult symbolism and rituals. These elements are used to build suspense and create an eerie atmosphere, without coming across as cheesy or overdone. For instance, the use of pentacles, invocations, and exorcisms is well executed and lends credibility to the movie's portrayal of the occult.

Another aspect of the movie that deserves mention is the acting. Christopher Lee was known for his portrayal of Dracula and other horror roles, but his performance as the Duc de Richleau in this movie is perhaps his best. He brings a level of gravitas and authority to his character that makes him believable as an expert in the occult. He's the anchor of the movie and holds it together even during its most absurd moments.

The other actors in the movie also deliver solid performances. Charles Gray plays the main villain, Mocata, with a sense of menace and charisma that makes him a worthy adversary for the Duc. Nike Arrighi, who plays Tanith Carlisle, a young woman caught up in the Satanist's web, is also convincing in her role.

One of the things that might disappoint some viewers is the movie's pacing. The first half of the movie is slow and deliberate, focusing on the investigation and the characters' attempts to unravel the mystery. Some may find this part of the movie boring or uneventful. However, for those who appreciate a slow burn, the payoff in the second half of the movie is well worth the wait.

In terms of special effects, The Devil Rides Out may not be up to today's standards, but for its time, it was considered cutting edge. The movie features some impressive practical effects, such as a levitation scene and a demon's appearance. Again, it's the attention to detail that makes these effects so effective. The movie uses a minimalistic approach that is more suggestive than overt, which adds to the overall creepiness of the film.

In conclusion, The Devil Rides Out is a classic horror movie that deserves its place in the pantheon of horror films. It's a movie that relies on atmosphere, dialogue, and tension to create an eerie and unsettling experience for its audience. It features a great cast, solid performances, and impressive special effects. For horror fans who are tired of jump scares and gore, this movie is a must-see.

The Devil Rides Out
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