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"She lived two amazing lives under his spell!"
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  • 1953
  • 1 hr 21 min
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Four Sided Triangle is a 1953 British science fiction film directed by Terence Fisher, based on the novel of the same name by William F. Temple. The movie stars Barbara Payton, James Hayter, and Stephen Murray. The movie is set in a small English village, where two childhood friends, Robin and Bill, develop a passion for science and invent a machine that can duplicate anything, including living beings. Robin, in love with his childhood friend Lena, uses the machine to duplicate her, creating an exact replica of Lena. As the trio deals with the implications of what they have created, a love triangle forms between the original Lena, the duplicated Lena and Robin.

The theme of the movie explores the consequences of playing God with technology and asks the question of whether we should have the power to create human beings. It examines the ethical and moral dilemmas that such technological advancements present and highlights human emotions like love, jealousy, and betrayal.

The film is shot in black and white, adding a moody atmosphere to the story. The cinematography is excellent, emphasizing the stark contrast between the tranquil nature of the English countryside and the profound, existential questions that the characters are asking themselves.

Barbara Payton, famous for her provocative roles in Hollywood movies, gives a nuanced and heartfelt performance as Lena. She creates two distinct characters, each with their own set of beliefs, motivations, and desires, making the love triangle all the more complex. James Hayter, who plays Bill, Robin's friend, provides comic relief, but also delivers some of the film's most poignant moments. Stephen Murray's portrayal of Robin, the inventor, is equally impressive, managing to convey the conflicted emotions of an obsessed scientist struggling with his latest creation.

The movie has been praised for its realistic depiction of science, with the filmmakers working closely with a consultant from the Royal Society in London. The machine that duplicates the living being is presented in a credible and convincing way, adding to the authenticity of the story.

Overall, Four Sided Triangle is a beautifully crafted movie that explores some profound existential questions about human nature, science, and morality. The film's central performances are strong, the cinematography is excellent, and the to download underlying theme is compelling. It remains a significant contribution to British science fiction cinema and should be on the must-watch list for sci-fi fans.

Four Sided Triangle
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