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  • TV-MA
  • 2009
  • 2 hr 2 min
  • 6.4  (340)

Drop is a 2009 Japanese movie directed by Hiroshi Shinagawa. The movie features the story of three young adults who are trying to find their place in the world. The movie centers around the character of Shinji, played by Hiroki Narimiya, who is a high school dropout and a member of a gang called the Gira Gira Girls. Shinji is a character who is tough on the exterior, but on the inside, he is vulnerable and has a soft side. He is known for fighting in underground boxing matches and winning, which catches the interest of a talent agency that wants to use him for their own gain.

The other two main characters in the movie are Ryuhei, played by Hiro Mizushima, and Masaru, played by Yuika Motokariya. Ryuhei is a college graduate who cannot find a job and spends his days doing odd jobs. He is also friends with Shinji and is shocked when he discovers that Shinji has become a boxer. Ryuhei decides to help Shinji by becoming his manager and helps him navigate the world of professional boxing.

Masaru is a teenage girl who is in love with Shinji. She is a fan of the Gira Gira Girls and idolizes Shinji. Masaru is a character who is innocent and pure, and her love for Shinji is the driving force behind her character. She wants to help Shinji in any way possible and is always looking out for him.

The movie takes place in the urban city of Tokyo and showcases the world of illegal boxing matches and the entertainment industry. The cinematography of the movie is dark and gritty, which adds to the overall feel of the movie. The soundtrack is also fitting as it is made up of punk rock music and adds to the rebellious nature of the characters.

One of the main themes of Drop is the idea of finding oneself. All three of the main characters are lost and are searching for their place in the world. Shinji is trying to find his way as a boxer, Ryuhei is trying to find a job, and Masaru is trying to find her way to Shinji's heart. The movie shows how the characters deal with their struggles and how they grow as individuals.

Another theme of the movie is the idea of loyalty. The Gira Gira Girls are a perfect example of this theme. The gang is made up of misfits who have formed their own family. They are loyal to each other, even if it means getting into trouble. Shinji's loyalty to his friends is also highlighted in the movie. He is willing to fight and defend his friends, no matter what the consequences are.

The acting in Drop is top-notch. Hiroki Narimiya delivers an exceptional performance as Shinji. He is able to bring out the vulnerability of Shinji and creates a character that is both tough and sensitive. Hiro Mizushima also delivers a great performance as Ryuhei. He is able to capture the frustration and disappointment that comes with not being able to find a job after college. Yuika Motokariya is also excellent as Masaru. She is able to create a character that is innocent and pure, which makes her love for Shinji more genuine.

In conclusion, Drop is a must-watch movie for anyone who loves Japanese cinema. The movie showcases the struggles of young adults trying to find their way in the world. The themes of the movie are relatable and the acting is excellent. The movie is not afraid to tackle the darker side of society and human nature. It is a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, making it a classic in Japanese cinema.

Drop is a 2009 action movie with a runtime of 2 hours and 2 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.4.

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    6.4  (340)