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"Ravished! Violated! Possessed by Satan!"
  • R
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 4.8  (668)

Eerie Midnight Horror Show, also known as The Tormented and The Sexorcist, is an Italian horror film released in 1974, a time when European cinema was delving into the supernatural and the occult with a fervent interest, influenced by the success of films such as The Exorcist. This movie combines elements of horror, suspense, and the eeriness of supernatural phenomena, weaving them into a story that explores the thin line between faith and heresy, reality and hallucination.

The film is a gothic-horror narrative centered around the chilling experiences of a young art restorer named Danila (played by Stella Carnacina), who becomes involved in a series of supernatural events that defy explanation. With the backdrop of an enigmatic and atmospheric 1970s Italy, Eerie Midnight Horror Show delivers a set of spooky visuals, horror sequences, and a haunting ambiance that typified the horror genre of the era.

Danila is a dedicated and talented art restorer whose passion for her craft leads her to work on a peculiar and ancient wooden sculpture of a crucified man, which is said to have a dark and cursed history. From the moment she begins her restoration work on this enigmatic piece, Danila finds herself increasingly drawn into a nightmarish world where the lines between reality and the occult blur terrifyingly.

As Danila's life begins to spiral out of control, her parents are left deeply concerned about their daughter's wellbeing. Her father (Chris Avram) searches for answers, delving into the history and lore of the cursed sculpture, hoping to make sense of the horrifying occurrences surrounding his daughter. Her mother (played by Lucretia Love), who is deeply religious, struggles with the notion that the supernatural experiences that are plaguing Danila could be a result of demonic possession.

As the mystery unfolds, viewers are taken on a suspenseful journey through a series of encounters with strange characters that seem to hover at the intersection of the spiritual and the profane. Enigmatic priests, questionable scholars, and otherworldly beings all play a role in the story, illustrating the superstitious environment that envelops Danila's world. The film probes the question of what happens when ancient curses and modern lives intersect, and how faith and science are often pitted against each other in understanding such events.

The performances of the cast anchor the film's atmospheric tension, with Carnacina delivering a particularly poignant portrayal of Danila's internal struggle and her gradual descent into a realm of terror. Her intense emotions and the transformation of her character drive the plot forward, creating a palpable sense of dread that is supported by the macabre and often surreal imagery presented throughout Eerie Midnight Horror Show.

Visual aesthetics play a crucial role in the impact of Eerie Midnight Horror Show, in line with many Italian horror films from that period. The cinematography draws on shadowy, richly-textured scenes that evoke a sense of the grotesque and the otherworldly. The Gothic influences are evident in the architecture, costume design, and general mise-en-scène, contributing to the overall feeling of being transported into a dark fairy tale rooted in the deeply Catholic culture of Italy.

The score, characteristic of horror cinema of the time, uses a blend of traditional and avant-garde musical compositions to unsettle the audience and heighten the sense of suspense. The soundscape is thus a critical tool used to manipulate the emotions of viewers as they watch the mysterious and sometimes horrifying events unfold.

Eerie Midnight Horror Show is also a product of its time. The film mirrors the clash between traditional values and the countercultural movements of the era, which challenged religious and societal norms. It reflects the anxieties of Western culture during a period of rapid social change, encapsulating themes of religious doubt, the occult, and the pursuit of forbidden knowledge.

Despite its rather low budget and the campy effects that are typical of many '70s horror flicks, Eerie Midnight Horror Show manages to carve a niche for itself with its particular blend of traditional horror elements and psychological drama. It should be noted, however, that the explicit content and themes presented in the film align with the exploitative nature of Euro-horror in that period, which often sought to shock and titillate audiences with sensationalistic material.

While Eerie Midnight Horror Show might not have achieved the iconic status of some of its contemporaries, it remains an interesting artifact of the era and an intriguing watch for fans of classic horror cinema. The movie is a testament to the creativity and ambition of filmmakers of the time who dared to explore deep and dark corners of the human psyche through the powerful medium of film.

Eerie Midnight Horror Show is a 2010 horror movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 25 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.8.

Eerie Midnight Horror Show
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