El juego de Arcibel

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This motion picture tells the tale the tale of the country known as Miranda. Miranda is under the control of a fierce and harsh dictator by the name of, General Abalorio. Arcibel Alegria is a journalist whose area of expertise has been covering events of the game, Chess. Due to massive confusion, Arcibel is arrested and taken by the General as a political prisoner. Forced to leave behind is wife and baby daughter, now Arcibel must learn to live from inside his cell. Forced to stay in jail for many years, Arcibel develops a lasting friendship with a cell mate, and must contend with not knowing when he will again see his daughter.

2004 | 2 hr 5 min
Darío Grandinetti, Juan Echanove, Juan Diego, Diego Torres, Vladimir Cruz, Rebecca Cobos, Alejandro Trejo
Alberto Lecchi
Produced By
Luis Sartor
El juego de Arcibel
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Also directed by Alberto Lecchi

Also starring Darío Grandinetti

Also starring Juan Echanove