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  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 1 hr 27 min
  • 4.1  (227)

Elopement is a heartwarming romantic comedy from 2010 that follows the story of Mark Sullivan (Chris Kramer) and Dana Bright (Pascale Hutton). The movie starts with Mark, a successful businessman in New York, who gets invited to his high school reunion in his hometown of Chagrin Falls. Mark hasn't been back to Chagrin Falls in fifteen years, and when he arrives, he meets Dana, his high school crush, who is now a doctor.

Mark and Dana reconnect at the reunion, and they find out that they have a lot in common. They both share a love of travel, adventure, and spontaneity. However, there's one problem – Dana is engaged to a man named Edward (Ian Ziering), a wealthy businessman who seems to have all the qualities that Dana is looking for in a partner. Mark and Dana realize that they have feelings for each other, and although they try to fight them, they can't resist the attraction.

As the story unfolds, Mark and Dana find themselves going on an impromptu road trip across the country, trying to avoid Edward and his henchmen, who are on their tail. As they travel through different states, the couple faces various challenges, tests and adventures. They are forced to take risks and make choices about their future together, especially when they realise they share a secret that could ruin their lives forever.

The cinematography of Elopement is breathtaking, as the film takes us on a journey through some of the most beautiful places in the US, from the rugged mountains of Colorado to the sandy beaches of California. The chemistry between Chris Kramer and Pascale Hutton is excellent, and their strong performances give the movie a warm and fuzzy vibe. Ian Ziering's acting is also impressive, as he portrays a sophisticated and wealthy businessman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

One of the central themes of the movie is the idea of chasing your dreams and living life to the fullest. Dana's character, especially, embodies this spirit, as she decides to follow her heart, even if it means giving up everything she's worked for. Mark's character, on the other hand, represents the idea of taking risks, even if they seem too big to handle. Together, they learn that life is short, and it's better to take a leap of faith than to regret not doing so.

Another exciting aspect of Elopement is the humor injected into the storyline. There are several witty one-liners and hilarious scenes that add lightness to the story. For example, in one scene, Mark disguises himself as a woman to avoid detection, which results in a comical exchange between him and Dana.

Overall, Elopement is an excellent movie for those who love a good romantic tale with a side of adventure. It travels the road of romance-comedy with ease, and viewers will find themselves rooting for Mark and Dana to make it to the end. The dynamic trio of Kramer, Hutton, and Ziering bring their A-game to the table to create a movie that is both heartwarming and entertaining. Elopement is perfect for a date night, a girls' night in, or even a family movie night. It's a movie that proves it's never too late to chase your dreams and fall in love, no matter the obstacles that stand in your way.

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