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"Landfall Means Our Downfall"
  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 3.7  (1,395)

In the movie Zombie Tidal Wave, directed by Anthony C. Ferrante and released in 2019, we follow the story of a small island community off the coast of Louisiana who face a bizarre and terrifying threat - a wave of zombieitic organisms that start infesting the beach and soon expand their reach towards the island. The film stars Ian Ziering, best known for his role in the cult hit Sharknado series, as Hunter Shaw, a fisherman and local hero of the island community. The other key cast members in the movie include Chikashi Higaki-Linzbichler as Yagov, Shelton Jolivette as Sunita, Erich Chikashi Linzbichler as Falcon, and many non-professional actors filling out the roles of the island residents.

The movie takes place on a seemingly beautiful island, which is the main source of income for the residents who make a living out of fishing and tourism. Everything is fine until a strange boat washes up on the beach with a lone survivor warning of a "lethal virus." Soon after, the first attack of the zombies happens, and the residents of the island have to fight against the wave of undead.

Most of the movie takes place on the island, which gets overrun by the zombies, who are both fast-moving and intelligent in nature. The film has a lot of action scenes, as the survivors have to fend off these creatures with whatever weapons they can find. There are plenty of tense moments, jump scares, blood and gore, and exciting chase sequences. The special effects are decent overall, with some CGI scenes working well, and others are perfectly ridiculous.

One of the highlights of the movie is Ian Ziering's portrayal of Hunter Shaw, who plays a man with a dark past trying to redeem himself for his past mistakes. Ziering's character is both funny and likeable, and we root for him as he fights against impossible odds to save himself and the island's residents.

The tone of the movie is generally tongue-in-cheek, which is typical of this type of B-movie horror flick. There are plenty of one-liners and knowing winks to the audience, and the subplot of Hunter's redemption story adds a touch of heart to the proceedings.

On the downside, the film's pacing is a little uneven, with a lot of time spent on establishing the characters before the action truly picks up. Some audiences might find this a bit slow, but it does serve to build tension and create empathy for the characters. Additionally, the plot is a bit derivative of classic zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

In conclusion, Zombie Tidal Wave is a fun and thrilling horror movie that delivers what it promises. It's a B-movie schlockfest that doubles down on the blood, action, and humor. If you're in the mood for an over-the-top zombie movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, this is a great pick.

Zombie Tidal Wave
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