Vampires: Out for Blood

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"It takes one to kill one."
  • R
  • 2004
  • 1 hr 36 min

Vampires: Out for Blood is a 2004 horror-thriller film directed by Richard Brandes. The story follows a group of reporters investigating a story on a string of brutal murders that have occurred in Los Angeles. The victims have all been drained of blood, leading the reporters to suspect that the killer is a vampire. The film stars Ismail Kanater as Renny, the lead reporter on the story, and Jim Ortlieb as his cameraman, Johnny. They are joined by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Zoe, an investigator for the coroner's office, and Kevin Dillon as Hank, a detective with a troubled past. Lance Henriksen plays a mysterious man named Cross, who seems to know more about the murders than he is letting on. Vanessa Angel also appears as a seductive vampire who becomes involved in the investigation.

As the reporters delve deeper into the case, they begin to realize that the vampire responsible for the murders is not working alone. They encounter a group of vampires who are determined to protect their existence at all costs. The reporters find themselves in a race against time to uncover the truth about the vampires and stop them before they can claim any more victims.

The film is a fast-paced thriller, featuring plenty of suspenseful moments and jump scares. The vampires are portrayed as fierce, bloodthirsty creatures, and the action scenes are well choreographed. The cast all deliver strong performances, with Kanater and Ortlieb providing comic relief amidst the horror.

One of the film's strengths is its use of practical effects, which adds to the overall creepiness of the movie. The makeup and prosthetics used to create the vampires are particularly impressive, and their gruesome attacks are sure to make viewers squirm in their seats.

Another aspect of the film that stands out is its use of Los Angeles as a backdrop. The city's urban landscapes provide a gritty, noirish feel to the movie, and the contrast between the bright lights of the city and the dark, ominous alleyways adds to the film's sinister atmosphere.

Overall, Vampires: Out for Blood is a solid horror-thriller that should appeal to fans of the genre. The film's fast pace, strong performances, and effective use of practical effects make it an entertaining and enjoyable watch.

Vampires: Out for Blood
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