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"Seduction. Romance. Murder. The things one does for love."
  • R
  • 1989
  • 1 hr 43 min
  • 6.1  (20,645)
  • 30

In Vampire's Kiss, Nicolas Cage portrays a successful Manhattan literary agent named Peter Loew who, after a night of failed seduction attempts, becomes convinced that he is turning into a vampire. This bizarre and darkly comedic horror film from 1988 is a unique and polarizing entry in the vampire subgenre. The movie opens with a stressed-out Peter, struggling to manage his high-pressure job and relationships with women. He meets a woman named Rachel (Jennifer Beals) at a nightclub, but his attempts to seduce her are met with rejection. The next morning, Peter wakes up with two small marks on his neck and begins to experience strange visions and delusions. He becomes convinced that he's transforming into a vampire and begins to act out in increasingly erratic and violent ways.

As Peter's behavior becomes more manic and erratic, his long-suffering secretary, Alva (Maria Conchita Alonso), becomes increasingly alarmed. She tries to help Peter by referring him to a therapist but is met with hostility and abuse from her boss. Peter's downward spiral continues as he becomes more and more obsessed with the idea of being a vampire, eventually leading to a horrifying climax.

Vampire's Kiss is a film that defies easy categorization. It's not quite a horror film, not quite a comedy, and not quite a psychological drama, but instead exists in a strange, dreamlike space between these genres. The film is often cited as an example of Nicolas Cage's "crazy" acting style, as he gives a wild and over-the-top performance as the increasingly unhinged Peter.

The film also contains some challenging and controversial subject matter. Peter's treatment of Alva, in particular, has been criticized for being misogynistic and exploitative. Some have also argued that the film uses mental illness as a gimmick for shock value, with Peter's descent into madness played for laughs rather than empathy.

Despite these criticisms, Vampire's Kiss has developed a cult following over the years, thanks in part to its surreal and nightmarish atmosphere. The film's portrayal of Peter's psychological breakdown is dark, disturbing, and often uncomfortable to watch, but it's also an undeniably fascinating cinematic experience.

One of the most striking things about Vampire's Kiss is its use of visuals to convey Peter's mental state. From the opening credits, the film is full of surreal and stylized imagery, with distorted camera angles, extreme close-ups, and bright, neon colors. These elements combine to create a nightmarish world that feels like a distorted version of reality.

The film's use of sound is also noteworthy. The score, by Colin Towns, is a mix of creepy ambient noise, discordant strings, and pulsing synth beats. The soundtrack perfectly captures the film's unsettling mood and adds to the sense of disorientation and unease.

One of the most memorable scenes in Vampire's Kiss is when Peter puts on a fake vampire costume and begins to terrorize Alva. The scene is darkly comic and disturbing at the same time, as Peter's delusions become all-consuming, and he begins to lose touch with reality.

Another standout scene is when Peter visits a therapist and delivers a monologue about his obsession with vampire lore. Cage's performance in this scene is both hilarious and disturbing, as he rants and raves about vampires while the therapist looks on in horror.

Overall, Vampire's Kiss is a movie that's hard to forget. It's a dark and twisted take on the vampire genre that's filled with surreal visuals, unsettling sound design, and Nicolas Cage's unhinged performance. The film has its flaws and has been accused of being exploitative and misogynistic, but it's also a fascinating and unique piece of cinema that's worth checking out for fans of strange and challenging horror.

Vampire's Kiss is a 1989 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 43 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.1 and a MetaScore of 30.

Vampire's Kiss
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