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"Never before -- Never again!"
  • R
  • 1988
  • 1 hr 20 min
  • 3.2  (907)

Emmanuella 6 - 1998 is a movie that was acted in 1988. It is about the journey with Emmanuella and some models.They went into an adventure in a deep Amazon jungle. There they met a drug lord who captured all of them. Models are very beautiful women and men who take their time to fix theirs bodies and remain very slim for their profession. The movie talks about the process it takes to become a good model. It is a pains taking procedure. It also requires a lot of determination self control. Without this virtues you can not make it as a model. No to talk of top model. The entertainment industry is fast growing and will continue to grow. Hence the need for more disciplined models.

The pay is very good. But to get it you must work out your ass. My gush. You earn big pay packet but can not eat. I mean can not enjoy your money - the fruit of your labor. They ride in luxurious cars. The best that they can find in the country. I mean the latest cars in the market. Live in big mansions. Every thing of theirs is flamboyant. Modelling is show business.

Show business has it huddles. They through a lot of stringent rules. Dos and don'ts. But one thing is sure - drugs. They start to take drugs bit by bit to help them get or acquired stage courage. And before they know it they become addicted. Come out now, no way. Some times it gets worst until the are taken for rehab. The come out of it but before you know they have gone back. Just forward and backward movements. And finally, the drugs destroy their career and end up destroying their lives.

In this movie, you see how the drug lord used the drugs and manipulated the models. Again women like fame. Because of fame, they get themselves entangled. Beauty can be dangerous and can lead to captivity. As in the case of the models who where held captives by the drug lord. Now they had to escape from the jungle of darkness. How will they escape was the million dollar question to be answered. Anyway, they finally managed to escaped.

Emmanuelle 6
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    1 hr 20 min
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    3.2  (907)