Ensign Pulver

"Following in the hilarious fun-steps of "Mister Roberts""
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This is a comedy movie about the adventures of an ensign during World War II. The ensign serves on a ship with a captain who overworks his crew. There are no rewards, and no breaks for any of them. He tries to ease tension by pulling a prank on the captain. It backfires and the captain keeps a watchful eye on him. During a storm, Ensign Pulver and his captain are swept into the sea. They manage to find landfall on a South Pacific island. A group of nurses are also there, living with the natives. They are waiting to be rescued. They are glad to see the men.

| 1964 | 1 hr 44 min | 5.9/10
Robert Walker Jr., Burl Ives, Walter Matthau, Tommy Sands
Joshua Logan
Produced By
Joshua Logan
Ensign Pulver
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Also starring Burl Ives