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"Winning was just the beginning."
  • PG-13
  • 2022
  • 5.7  (55,481)
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Escape Room 2 is a thrilling horror movie that follows the story of six strangers who find themselves trapped in a complex and deadly game in order to survive. The movie is a sequel to the 2019 horror film Escape Room, and it features an engaging storyline that is full of suspense and tension. The film stars Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis, a brilliant engineering student who is searching for answers about the mysterious organization behind the escape rooms. She is joined by Logan Miller, who plays Ben Miller, a survivor of the previous game, and Deborah Ann Woll, who portrays Amanda Harper, a trauma doctor who has also been targeted by the organization.

The story begins with Zoey, Ben, and Amanda being lured into a new escape room. However, things quickly take a dangerous turn when they discover that they are not the only ones in the game. They are joined by three other players: Brianna Collier (Indya Moore), Nathan (Thomas Cocquerel), and Theo (Carlito Olivero). The group soon realizes that they must work together to solve a series of intricate puzzles and avoid deadly traps in order to survive.

As the game progresses, it becomes clear that the stakes are higher than ever before. The puzzles are more elaborate and deadly than those in the previous game, and the players are pushed to their limits as they try to stay alive.

What sets this movie apart from other horror films is the intricacy of the puzzles and the level of detail that goes into each room. The sets are brilliantly designed to create an immersive experience, with each room presenting a unique challenge that the players must overcome. The tension is palpable as the players work together to solve the puzzles and avoid the traps, adding to the suspense and terror of the film.

The performances of the cast are also worth mentioning, particularly those of Taylor Russell and Logan Miller. Both actors give convincing performances as they try to outsmart the game and find a way out. Deborah Ann Woll is also excellent as the traumatized doctor, bringing a sense of humanity to the film.

Overall, Escape Room 2 is an intense, thrilling, and well-executed horror movie. It delivers on the promise of the first film while adding new twists and turns that keep the audience engaged throughout. With its intricate puzzles, detailed sets, and strong performances, it is a must-watch for horror fans and anyone who loves a good puzzle-solving challenge.

In summary, Escape Room 2 is a tense and gripping horror movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The intricate puzzles, detailed sets, and strong performances make it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Escape Room 2
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