Exit Strategy

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  • 2018
  • 15 min
  • 7.6  (615)

Exit Strategy is a 2019 film that sits on the edge between genres of romantic comedy and drama. The movie depicts the intersecting lives and relationships of four different individuals, all of whom are struggling to reconcile their ambition with their desire for a meaningful personal life. The story’s protagonist, James (played by Chris O'Shea), is a young and ambitious marketing executive who is willing to do anything to land a big client. This includes creating a fake family, complete with a fake wife and son, to impress the client who values family values above all else. While James is initially reluctant to go along with the ruse, he eventually decides that the ends justify the means and sets out to find the perfect fake family.

Meanwhile, James’ best friend and roommate Nick (played by Richard Kohnke) is struggling with his own personal issues. Nick is a talented but struggling actor who is tired of constantly being cast in supporting roles. He becomes exceedingly jealous of his friend’s success and begins to resent James’ ambition.

The other important character in the story is Tracie (played by Lina Esco), a successful businesswoman who is fiercely independent and uninterested in romance. Tracie meets James by chance and they start out as business associates, but quickly become friends. Despite their different backgrounds and values, they soon find themselves drawn to each other in ways neither of them could have predicted.

Finally, there is Darnell Trotter’s character, Gabe, who is struggling to find his own place in the world. He is the son of a single mother and has always felt like an outsider. Even though he is talented and intelligent, he is constantly overlooked for better opportunities, largely because he is African American. It is only when he meets James’ fake family that he begins to see that he might have more in common with them than he thought.

Throughout the movie, these four characters’ lives and relationships intersect in unexpected and revelatory ways. As they navigate the murky waters between ambition and personal fulfillment, they come to realize that the only way to truly find success is to be true to oneself and to the people they care about.

One of the most striking things about this film is the way it blends genres. On the one hand, it is a romantic comedy, with elements of humor and whimsy scattered throughout the story. On the other hand, it is a powerful drama that addresses serious issues of identity, race, and ambition. By seamlessly blending these two genres, the movie is able to tackle weighty issues without becoming overly somber or preachy.

In addition to its powerful message, Exit Strategy is also notable for its fantastic cast. Chris O'Shea is particularly impressive in the lead role, giving a nuanced and layered performance that captures the character’s struggles and contradictions. Richard Kohnke is equally impressive as the jealous and wounded Nick, while Darnell Trotter brings heart and soul to the role of Gabe. Lina Esco is also impressive in her portrayal of the independent and complex Tracie.

Overall, Exit Strategy is a moving and thought-provoking film that is filled with humor, heart, and complexity. It is a must-see for anyone who has ever struggled to balance their ambition with their personal life, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who view it.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    15 min
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (615)